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'Sleep Moscow' - 'I Hate the Birds' (from the album 'A Wounded Moon')

Again the variety in style of music we're covering this week in evident in our next write-up, which features 'Sleep Moscow', a project based around Swedish musician Petter Kindström, who brings a number of friends and fellow musicians in to work on individual tracks that comprise an album entitled 'A Wounded Moon'. The songs on the album cover a wide range of musical influences and genres, from the more conventional based rock outlook of 'A Million Hopes' to this particularly appealing track (in a melancholy way...) 'I Hate the Birds'.

'I Hate the Birds' interested me as soon as I saw the name, because it has such a stark title, and the song is a desolate track, which is led by the use of the distinctive sound of the Roland Juno 106 - a synth that so many musicians have used, and that creates a distinct backdrop and texture. The vocals meanwhile are sung by Arvid Hällagård (Greenleaf / Wyres), and I like the tone of his voice and the way it is used in the production of track, just sitting in the background, with just the occasional unusual harmony. This is so minimalist, just synths and vocals, and that just focuses all the attention on the sound of the synths, voice and lyrics - it's so transparent whilst also having a simplicity to it. I think it works very effectively.

This is 'I Hate the Birds':

The full album 'A Wounded Moon', which is written about being 'lost and longed for' can be found on Spotify.

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