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'BF/C' with new single 'Lonely Bird'

We don't normally feature the same artist twice within a couple of weeks, but our recent feature on 'BF/C' concentrated on the track 'To Grace', which was written for a production of Lars Von Trier's 'Dogville', which was taking place in Sweden. It was also only really written by one half of 'BF/C' ('Californiaman') and we did say at the time that we thought that a new single from the full band was due for release shortly - and somewhat shockingly, we were right.

So their new song is entitled 'Lonely Bird' and it's the first single from their forthcoming album which is brilliantly entitled 'The Unexpected Consequences of Feathers'. The new song marks a shift in musical direction from the last 'BF/C' release I heard, but if you do know these guys then you won't be surprised, because clearly they have a versatility and approach that seems to revolve around making good, timeless pop music. 'Lonely Bird' is an acoustic driven song, that I immediately fell for with it's dreamy soft vocals, and melodies that could fit in to pop songs from the 60's right through to the current day. I don't like giving anything the title of 'intelligent pop', but this is clever, thoughtful and pretty much impossible not to like.

Take a listen to 'Lonely Bird':

We don't yet have a release date for the 'BF/C' album 'The Unexpected Consequences of Feathers', but we really look forward to taking a listen when it's released.

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