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Introducing... 'The Flavians' - new track 'Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)'

We have one new band introduction for you today, and whilst we do stick with the whole 'Nordic' thing, we also stretch the definitions as much as possible, and todays band are a lovely mix of Swedish / Czech / British musicians (as it should be, in our preferred joined together European world...sigh) , and they are called 'The Flavians'. They were formed in late 2017, and they've clearly already made a pretty good impression, with support slots across Europe (taking advantage of their cross nation links no doubt) and coverage in a few places including radio play on the excellent 'BBC Introducing in the West', which with my ties to that area I've listened to a fair bit.

Now admittedly we are a little late again on this one as their new single 'Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted') was released at the beginning of November, but it's a veritable 'cracker', and you'll hear straight off why this band are making an impression. The song tells the (true apparently...) story of an office worker, who is just having the worst of days, and I love the storytelling aspect of this, the catastrophic nature of it just builds in each verse. Musically this will have you dancing around the house all day, and I love the contrast between the upbeat catchy tunes and the downright misery of the poor featured office worker. It actually reminds me of Finnish band 'Koria Kitten Riot' and a track such as 'Todays Been a Beautiful Day' - which I'll link at the bottom to spread the Nordic musical love.

There's a great video to go with 'Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)', take a look here:

So the good news is that 'The Flavians' are planning on releasing an album entitled 'Ordinary People in an Ordinary World', which I like the sound of, and we'll try to write about when it is finally out.

And this is that track from 'Koria Kitten Riot', although we recommend all their stuff obviously...:

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