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'Pelicat' - new track 'Sorry, no'

If that track from 'Land & Ocean' was a bit melancholy for you, we'll change direction now with a band who we've featured before and simply write great, upbeat tunes. So we wrote about 'Pelicat' when they released their 'Down At The Arcade' single back in July, they've been around for a few years and released a good EP in 2015 called 'Pelicans & Rainbows', and have released a steady stream of singles which will result in an album being released in January 2019.

'Sorry, no' is a typical 'Pelicat' song, somewhere between 'Power Pop' and 'Indie Pop'. it opens with a flourish and a melodic hook that could easily have been written by 'The Feeling' at their best (a band who I won't have a bad word said about), but then the song disappears off in a slightly different direction - warped pop, with infectious easy to remember lyrics and packed full of melodic phrases. It rattles along at real pace too, the 3 minutes just fly by, and this surely must be a great indie song for radio, playlists and coverage across the internet.

This is 'Sorry, no':

We'll try and bring you further details of that 'Pelicat' album when we have it. In the meantime there's a good collection of their songs now to listen to on streaming services.

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