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'Electric Crayon Set' - new track 'Moonlit Graveyard'

It's probably true to say that we've featured a couple more 'commercial' style releases than normal in previous days, so we'll make no apologies for heading slightly leftfield towards music that you won't find on your national Radio playlists. 'Electric Crayon Set' are from Finland, and if we think we've done well to last into our 5th year, well these guys have reached 20 years of music making, and early in 2019 will release a new album (their 3rd) to celebrate two decades of merry song making,

'Electric Crayon Set' have both a psychedelic, folk and progressive influence. Now regular readers will know of my frustration with some 'progressive' releases, as whilst to me 'progressive' music should be innovative, vibrant, and melodic, often it can simply be dull and dreary. 'Electric Crayon Set' thankfully make interesting and definitely melodic music, and straight from the opening of 'Moonlit Graveyard' we're offered a chunky sounding cello and a vocal tune that develops into a big chorus, whilst lyrically this has a storytelling feel that works well. But actually the highlight for me is the instrumental section which takes the music in a slightly different direction, and where yes there probably is a 'progressive' influence, but it never feels like an overlong 'detour'.

Take a listen to 'Moonlit Graveyard':

So I note that this is the 'Single Edit' of 'Moonlit Graveyard', so for those of us who liked the instrumental section in particular, I'm sure we'll be offered the full version when 'Electric Crayon Set' release that album early next year.

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