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'River String Lizards'- new single and video 'Endless Maze' (from the album 'Riv

After our feature on 'Electric Crayon Set' we'll stick with Finnish psychedelic influenced bands, but another who take their music in a slightly different direction. 'River String Lizards' are a 5 piece band who somehow mix spaced out guitar led psychedelia with a bluegrass inspired banjo, and the net effect is both fascinating and simply great fun to listen to.

So 'River String Lizards' have been around for a couple of years now, and they're quite an active band live, which I imagine suits their unique brand of 'Surfin Banjo Rock' pretty well - they sound like a band you have to hear live to really appreciate them. However in their new video to 'Endless Maze' they manage to capture their energy and unique spirit really impressively. 'Endless Maze' has a real vibrancy, it races off at a great pace, and the mix of banjo and swirling guitars creates a continuing variation in rhythms and melodies, and I love the long instrumental sections where the psychedelic influences are allowed to take over the song. The video suits the track too, slightly dark, mysterious but still with a 'bluegrass' feel.

I do feel this is the type of music you just have to take a listen to yourself. This is 'Endless Maze':

Anyway we recommend you give the 'River String Lizards' album a try, it can be found on Bandcamp (which I still think is one of the best ways to support indie artists) as well as Spotify, and I did spot somewhere that a vinyl is on its way in the new year.

For more details you can find them in the normal places.

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