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Introducing... 'November Stories' and new track 'Fifteen Minutes'

Unfortunately there's only time for 1 new release tonight, but hey it's a lovely track to start your weekend, and I guess we have to make sure we've covered this today - given it is the last day of the month. So 'November Stories' are from Sweden, and they simply describe themselves as '4 best friends from Stockholm', which I guess is pretty nice, and they first came to prominence last year when they released a 5 track EP entitled 'All the Promises' - I've been listening to it today, and hopefully some of you will seek it out as it's pretty easy to track down on Spotify etc.

Anyway their new song is called 'Fifteen Minutes' and immediately it's the warmth of the piano sound that draws me in, and it has a simplicity that I really like, a deeply melancholy vocal melody that suits the tone of the piano, and overall there's a richness to the sound that works well. So this is very much in the field of bands such as Keane, Thirteen Senses (lesser known, but definitely worth a listen) and maybe even Coldplay, which won't suit everyone, but as regular readers know I'm a huge advocate of bands such as Keane who write honest, well written melodic indie pop. The highlight of 'Fifteen Minutes' to me though is the last 90 seconds of expansive instrumental noise, where 'November Stories' throw everything at the song with an intense build up of piano, synths and drums that takes the song from Piano Pop to Post Rock in under a minute - and I definitely want to hear more of that type of sound.

This is 'Fifteen Minutes - stick with this to the end, it's worth it.

For more details please check out 'November Stories' on Facebook or Instagram.

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