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'Frode Fivel' - with track 'TV Christmas'

Well I guess we have to wrap things up with a Christmas Song. But it's not necessarily the normal type of Christmas Song that most of the shops and radio stations will be playing, and quite frankly you probably wouldn't expect us to do anything but finish off with a more melancholy, thought provoking release at this time of year.

'Frode Fivel' is a Norwegian singer songwriter who has released a couple of albums, including 'A Kid Is Just A Kid', which you can find on streaming services, and which I really enjoyed listening to yesterday - it has a gentle melodic charm, and a nostalgic warmth - I should repeat the title to myself every day. He's also performed and released music with notable other Swedish bands.

Anyway 'TV Christmas' is the first single of the 3rd album, which is due for release in March 2019, and I rather like it. The song tells rather a sad story of some children who don't get to see their Dad at Christmas because he doesn't make it home - and instead are left with the prospect of a TV Christmas. Musically and lyrically this really does hit the mark, and it does of course remind me how lucky I am to spend the time with my family at Christmas, as well as the more obvious thought that not everyone is that lucky.

This is 'TV Christmas':

We'll try and cover the 'Frode Fivel' album next year if we're still around.

So on behalf of everyone who has helped, listened, read, contributed and been involved with Nordic Music Review over the last 12 months, please take care over Christmas, I hope you all get to spend time with family and friends, and I hope you all get a Major Parkinson hoodie delivered by Santa.

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