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'Orsak:Oslo' - 'Ghost Gear' (EP)

Just one more quick feature tonight, and this time it's a new EP release from a Swedish (I think with some Norwegian connections too) band that we also featured last year. 'Orsak:Oslo' are a psychedelic stoner instrumental rock band and they're fairly prolific in their output of music, with a steady stream of releases over the past few years, including the 'Tipping Point' EP that we wrote about last time.

Now they've released a new EP entitled 'Ghost Gear', there's 3 tracks on it and somewhat inevitably there's over 20 minutes of music to listen to. Opening track 'I'll Meet You There' doesn't hang around like some releases of this style, the driven guitar and bass pound out a dark greeting under 30 seconds in, and if this is your thing you should find it all fairly absorbing. I like the changes in atmosphere as the track develops, especially in the middle section, before the wall of psychedelic guitar carries the track to a faded finish. Unsurprisingly 'They Come at Night' has a similar feel to it, but this time there is more urgency in the rhythms, and an undercurrent of mystery - it's not a world where everything is black, just mostly an impenetrable grey colour, but I still like the snippets of guitar theme that peak optimistically through the gloom. Title track 'Ghost Gear' isn't necessarily my favourite track, but it's really effective - 6 minutes of gripping and riveting noise, and I really love the sound of the wailing guitars that conjure up some pretty strange images.

This is 'I'll Meet You There':

This is definitely my favourite cover art of the year so far as well. 'Orsak:Oslo' might not quite be everyone's 'thing', but if you like dark, psychedelic music, you should definitely give it a listen.

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