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'Azure Blue' - 'The Rose' (single)

After the general chaos and energy of 'Pom Poko' from Norway (a mighty fine album if you haven't heard it), I guess we should change the ambience and balance things up slightly. 'Azure Blue' has the ability to apply the softest textures to his songwriting, and the latest single 'The Rose' is as gentle and understated as you can almost get.

Behind 'Azure Rose' is Tobias Isaksson, and he's a renowned songwriter we really should have covered before - Swedish readers will be pretty familiar with him already, although maybe UK readers less so. Previously he was the frontman of the band 'Irene' as well as being in the acclaimed folk pop band 'Laurel Music', and since then he has released 4 albums under his 'Azure Blue' solo project, as well as being involved in the disco project 'Personal Trainers'.

'The Rose' is as delicate as the name suggests, characterized by a delicacy in both the vocals and the backing instrumentation, which has the faintest hint of a crescendo in the middle, but that's about it. It Is also based around an apparently simple melody, and at just over 2 minutes it's as if 'Azure Rose' doesn't need to labour a point, just make his statement and move on. I rather like this approach, it feels like the glimpse into a dream, or a brief vision of natural beauty that disappears.

Anyway this is 'The Rose':

'The Rose' is a released from the forthcoming 'Azure Blue' album,which we will try and cover when it gets released in the next few months.

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