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'The Oceans' - 'High on You' (single)

We've featured a few new names to Nordic Music Review in the last couple of weeks, but 'The Oceans' should be far more familiar as we wrote about them 3 times last year, and after a stream of single releases through Autumn and Winter. They're based around 2 Danish multi-instrumentalists Dan Joe and Linus Valdemar, and they've always appealed to us with their melodic indie guitar writing, which has nods back toewards bands like The Cure and even Joy Divsiosn.

Anyway they're back with a new song, entitled 'High on You' and it deals with trying to support a loved one whilst they're going through a spell of depression. It's a typically uptempo track straight form the start, with a driving beat that takes the song forward, accompanied by an indie guitar sound that reminds me of all those bands that first inspired me 20 - 30 years ago. And the vocal melody is so easy to like too, these guys really do write consistent songs.

This is 'High on You':

'High on You' is the 2nd single from 'The Oceans' forthcoming new EP, and you can check them out in the following places.

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