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'Virgins at Heart' - 'Little Ray' (from album 'Safety Lagoon')

Our 'favourite' bands / artists tend to be those that can't entirely be categorised into a specific genre (Major Parkinson being an obvious example) , and whilst 'Virgins at Heart' probably sit somewhere in a more commercial space than those typically we feature in Nordic Music Review, they are definitely worth inclusion, because their new album is an appealing melodic release which brings together indie and electro pop, EDM and even psychedelic influences.

To introduce them, well they're a 4 piece band from Stockholm, who seem to have been together for a few years, with a debut album in 2016 called '2 2 Tango', which might possibly be the most 'cheesily' named album release in musical history, but it's an easy listening Indie Pop release worth tracking down on streaming services if you have chance. Anyway they've now released a follow up called 'Safety Lagoon', and it's an interesting mix of tracks from a band who simply write darn good tunes - and of course, as we've established many times before, it's 'all about the tunes'.

Anyway from the new album we'd like to highlight 'Little Ray' for your latest playlists, and hopefully that serves as a good introduction. It opens softly, but again it's all about the vocal melody, a heartfelt slightly melancholy ballad, which then builds slowly until it reaches the point of it being an anthemic stadium style song. I think it's a really effective, well written track. But from the album also check out tracks such as 'Come and Go', which have a lovely sensibility, with nicely arranged strings to back the song up.

This is 'Little Ray':

You can find 'Virgins at Heart' on Facebook.

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