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'Introducing... 'Frydstads Markiser' with track 'Skinny Kids'

We had a bumper edition of new releases on Friday, and today there are 2 more official releases, unusual for a Monday these days, but still welcomed. The first comes from a really interesting musician from Tromsø, and who writes under the name of Frydstads Markiser - behind this name is the producer and songwriter Jørgen Frydstad.

His new track 'Skinny Kids' was sent though on a particularly busy day of submissions a couple of weeks ago, and it just stood out immediately. It is undoubtedly lo-fi, 'bedroom pop' in a way, but actually it has this clever sophisticated charm about it too - it just wouldn't sound the same on a bigger production and budget. The song has a languid guitar opening, but it's the lyrics that really caught my attention: ''I'm a sexy billionaire, I just do what I like / I don't care about the future, I don't care about your health / I only care about myself and my wealth'', before the song launches into an infectious if slightly warped pop chorus. The laid back, almost 'don't give a damn' style vocals just seem to make the track even more endearing.

And actually a search through Soundcloud and Bandcamp reveals another quirky release from 'Frydstads Markiser' - 'What's Going On' is a slightly unusual electronic based track, but it still retains that lo-fi charm that works with 'Skinny Kids'. I've just got a feeling that we might get some really interesting releases from 'Frydstads Markiser' over the next year, because there is method and a clever musical mind behind the apparently 'simple' songs and production.

This is 'Skinny Kids':

We'll be on the look out for future 'Frydstads Markiser' releases, but in the meantime you can find him on Facebook and on Bandcamp.

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