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The Stillwalkers - 'Crystal Clear' (single)

I remember first writing about 'The Stillwalkers' back in 2015, straight after spending a week completely bogged down on an album release by 'Of Monsters And Men', so it's kind of appropriate that they both have new singles out, and once again we'll choose to give the attention to our favourite Finnish band.

So for those of you who haven't come across them before, they're a 5 piece band from Turku, and the first we heard about them was back in 2015 when they released a self titled album that made such an impression that it ended up winning the prestigious / dubious (delete as appropriate) accolade of 'Nordic Music Review Album of the Year', and if you've never heard it please go and listen, because it's still as warm, melodic and enjoyable to listen to even now.

Since then they've been relatively quiet, but they did release a single last year, and they've now moved on from plans to release an EP, instead focussing their efforts on another full album release. In advance of that they have a new single called 'Crystal Clear', and it's a high tempo slightly fuzzy guitar led track, with those familiar understated vocals offering a warm tune that just gets inside you after a couple of listens. And as always I just really enjoy listening to those extended instrumental sections, because 'The Stillwalkers' make a really nice noise.

This is 'Crystal Clear':

We will, of course, bring you more details of 'The Stillwalkers' album as soon as we have it - and providing it's before November 20th 2019 given we said we'd move to a different project after 5 years...

And you can find them on Facebook or on Twitter.

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