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Introducing... Marcus Admund Funck - 'Holly, Lie!'

If 'Marcus Admund Funck' sounds to you like the perfect name for a new Indie Pop songwriter in the making, well we have good news for you because a man with that very name has just released his second single, and it's a really enjoyable song that we wanted to bring to your attention. He first performed as a solo musician when he was just 16, but has actually spent years playing with one of our favourite bands, 'Honeymilk', before deciding to venture out on his own, and following the release of his debut single 'Lazarus', he's now released a follow up entitled 'Holly, Lie!'.

It's an undeniably sad sounding song, opening with the lyrical line ''Let's erase any glimmer of hope I have found in this place'', but there's something engaging in the words, melody and the simple instrumental support that really appeal to me, and when the expressive vocals of Paulina Palmgren (from the excellent 'La Lusid') are introduced there's an added poignancy, and overall the duet works really nicely.

This is 'Holly, Lie!':

Anyway the good news is that 'Marcus Admund Funck' will release a whole EP of music on May 31st through the consistently good Birds Records, and we will try and feature it after we get back from our May vacation.

Oh and you can find him on Instagram and on Facebook, but not on Twitter - which is probably a good thing, because just how mean and miserable is that place?

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