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'Dream Lake' - 'Someday' (single)

We've just featured 'Little Winter;' and their debut EP release from April, and another release we missed last month featured Swedish dream pop duo 'Dream Lake', with their track 'Someday'. We have a feeling that everyone will like this.

We're not sure how we haven't written about 'Dream Lake' previously, because their 2017 album 'Lux' made a real impression, with coverage across Europe and single 'Midnight Sun' getting coverage on BBC radio (maybe we should listen more...). The duo consist Isabella Svärdstamand and producer Niklas Lock, and the combination of the soft, dreamy vocals and smooth instrumentation makes it all very appealing.

Anyway 'Someday' is an irresistible track, which combines the most gorgeous vocals, a catchy melody and an array of supporting synths and guitars that carry the track along. It has a distinctly retro feel, which gives it a timeless quality, but it's simply so easy to listen to. This is 'Someday':

'Dream Lake' can be found on Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter

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