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Introducing... 'Czita' with track 'Pretty Eyes'

So to follow on from that weighty release from 'Monalia', we're delighted to switch styles and introduce you to a quirky and slightly curious track from Swedish songwriter 'Czita', which has intrigued us over the last week. Czita is from Stockholm and although 'Pretty Eyes' is officially her debut track, she's been writing music way back since 2003, with a simply vast array of influences from 90's R&B, hip hop, jazz and classical music - pretty much anything with melodies.

Her debut release 'Pretty Eyes', however, doesn't obviously reflect any of the influences listed or in fact any genre whatsoever, so we'll just call it 'Experimental Indie Pop', and you probably just have to listen for yourself to appreciate it. Undoubtedly minimalist in structure, it relies on the simplest of melodies and beats, but that tune will just slip inside your head and refuse to budge, whilst the accompanying sounds and rhythms are intricately timed and judged to throw everything slightly further leftfield. Vocally 'Czita' has this edge to her voice which adds to the intrigue, and the lyrics will keep you listening right to the end.

I don't expect everyone to love this on first listen, but please give it a go. This is 'Pretty Eyes':

Anyway there's also an alternative version of 'Pretty Eyes' which is due to be released next week, so visit her website for more information, or follow 'Czita' on Facebook or Instagram.

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