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'Amini' - new single 'Lost'

So we're back, with exactly 1500 emails to work through (sorry everyone...) and a simply huge backlog of albums to listen to. But listening and writing about music is way better than having to put up with wall to wall news coverage of a psychopathic narcissist, who's only redeeming feature is that his skin colour matches that of the orange prison jumpsuit he'll finally get to wear when his criminal mobster empire comes crashing down around him. And we'll get things restarted with one of our 'old' favourites, and it's a hugely welcome return for Norwegian duo (but partly UK based) 'Amini', who we've featured a few times previously, and whom released a new single entitled 'Lost' last Friday.

It's a laid back track with 'Amini's' ever distinct vocals a highlight, and I love the typically heartfelt and pointed lyrics - her words are always so vivid and direct, I love every track she's written in this respect. I like too the smooth instrumental backdrop with subtle melodies peeking through, and the song slowly builds with the subtlest of crescendos that adds to the intensity of the music and words. I always look forward 'Amini's' releases, it's one of the reasons we have to keep writing...:

Anyway this is 'Lost':

If you're new to 'Amini', there's a good collection of tracks online, just start off with one of my personal favourite 'Crumbs' and go from there. We will, of course, bring you details of any future 'Amini' releases when we have them, and for more info you can find them on Facebook.

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