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In Brief: 'Why Sun' - 'Frugte' (EP)

After the charms of 'I See Rivers' yesterday, we switch direction with a band that play the most laid back 'noise rock' you can imagine. 'Why Sun' are a trio from Denmark and 'Frugte' is their debut EP, and whilst I really don't like making comparisons to other musicians from past or present - think of a gothic atmosphere created by bands such as 'Jesus and Mary Chain' or even 'Fields of the Nephilim', but then vocals somewhere between Ian Curtis and Matt Berninger - there's probably much better comparisons out there, but you get the picture.

Don't worry if that sounds slightly dark for your liking, because what appeals to me is that throughout 'Frugte' there are interesting (if melancholy) melodies which are all pretty absorbing. Take opening track 'Eastern Love', it builds slowly, but the combination of guitars and distinct vocals leave me wanting to dance slowly around the house. Tracks such as 'Heart of the Moon' may take the sound further underground, but 'Traffic' is kind of accessible and easy on the ear, whilst I really like the guitar sound in 'Blind'. And the EP finishes with 'Singapore (Night)' which I find the least appealing, but maybe just needs more time.

I'm not suggesting this will appeal to everyone, but if you like earthy dark noise rock and enjoying really getting stuck into the detail of music, then please give 'Why Sun' a try, and this is definitely a band I'd like to see perform live, so maybe I can catch them at a festival next year.

You can find them on Facebook or Instagram.

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