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'Since November' - 'Airplane Astronaut' (single)

We've featured 'Since November' a couple of times previously, firstly in 2017 when they released 'Star System', and the Finnish project which was founded by Tomi Mäkilä (previously 'The Crash', 'Magenta Skycode' and 'Montevideo') is back with a new song entitled 'Airplane Astronaut', about an astronaut who finds himself flying a commercial plane.

It's rare that I like every song that an artist produces quite so quickly, but there's something about 'Since November' that always hits home pretty much straight away - 'Airplane Astronaut' is no exception. I guess it's the outrageously catchy tune in the new song that first appeals, but I love also the lyrics announced by the accidental pilot - 'I am the right man in the wrong place, but don't worry how hard can it be anyway...''

And then there's the video. I'll make no attempt to try and explain it, but it's quirky, slightly surreal and highly entertaining - the aesthetics and the ambition reminds me of that amazing 'Valsaland' project we wrote about a couple of years back, albeit maybe with a few more apples.

Anyway this is 'Airplane Astronaut':

We'll definitely bring you more 'Since November news when we get it.... find the project on their website or on Facebook or Instagram.

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