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'Twin Dive' - 'Animal' (video)

I'm not entirely sure that a dark David Lynch inspired video somewhere from the depths of the underground music scene is quite the way to start a beautiful Summers day, but we'll go straight in there, because it's actually a pretty fantastic release. 'Twin Dive' are from Denmark, and they're a trio we've missed out on so far, but their unique brand of alternative grunge / punk has made quite an impression this year, particularly with their appearance at SPOT festival.

Their new track is entitled 'Animal' and it's a searing, sprawling song which opens with the faintest of bass before guitars add to the murky soundscape, but as good as both those are, it's probably the vocals which steal the song, with a melodic if intoxicating drawl. As for the video, well just sit in a darkened room and give it a go, I love the colour (and lack of colour), you'll see what I mean....:

This is 'Animal':

Anyway we'll try and bring you more on the Danish / Icelandic / Lithuanian trio when we have chance.

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