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'Frydstads Markiser' - 'Easily Bored' (single)

We wrote about Tromsø musician 'Frydstads Markiser' back in April when he released his 'Skinny Kids' single, which we all just loved immediately. We also predicted some more interesting and maybe slightly quirky tracks from the Norwegian, and so we have it in the guise of the infectious and irresistible 'Easily Bored'.

'Easily Bored' is 1 minute 30 seconds of warped indie pop punk, with a catchy melody and performed at a frenetic pace. Similarly to 'Skinny Kids' there is a simplicity that I like, he's just writing tunes and lyrics that will make people smile, and in the modern world of playlists, this track (ironically, in many ways) fits in perfectly.

This is 'Easily Bored':

You can find 'Frydstads Markiser' on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Facebook.

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