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Introducing...'Overkligheten' - 'Bruset' (single)

So we have a couple of brief new artist introductions next, and we'll start with the Swedish / Åland Islands project 'Overkligheten', created by the musician 'Magnus Axelsson' who has performed in various punk and progressive rock bands. He released an EP entitled 'Ekarna på Ön' in the summer of 2018 (which I've enjoyed listening to this morning), and he's back now with another track called 'Bruset'.

This has really grown on me over a few listens, as often is the case with DIY tracks which aren't quite as slick in their production, it has a strong musical theme which is more upbeat than his previous releases, and there are likeable melodies at the core of the song. In particular the track opens up really nicely when the drums are added, and overall it has an endearing personal feel.

This is 'Bruset':

So you can find out more about 'Overkligheten' on Facebook or on Instagram:

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