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'Belle Sonder' - 'Melancholy Love' (single) + Manchester Psych appearance

Just one short introduction today, and it's for an Anglo-Nordic duo we really should have come across previously, given they've been around for a few years and were formed in Liverpool - I'm going to make an educated guess at LIPA, see previous features on 'I See Rivers', Oyvind Weiseth, Kalandra, Nils Martin and more. 'Belle Sonder' have released a few tracks since 2014 including a 4 track self-titled EP released last year, and it's a heady mix of swirling electronica, indie rock and dreamy psychedelia which has resulted in them getting a slot at this years Manchester Pyschedelia Festival at the end of August, which has seen a few Nordic band appearances over the years.

Anyway their new track is called 'Melancholy Love', a single released last week in advance of their forthcoming debut album. It's a really clever song which builds the momentum slowly but hypnotically, before releasing a soft anthemic chorus which feels as if it will consume everything in its path - it has a dreamy feel to it, but there so many interesting textures and patterns intertwining in the sound. I've really enjoyed listening to this and their previous releases - check out the vibrant 'Earlydrop', as well as 'Anchorage' and recent single 'Supple':

This is 'Melancholy Love':

'Belle Sonder' will appear at this years Manchester Psych Festival, which this year is split between Gorilla, the Ritz and the (relatively) new venue 'Yes' - which I think I'm seeing 'Speilbergs' at in Autumn.

You can find them on Facebook or on Instagram, and on Bandcamp too.

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