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Sunday Non Nordic Indie: Introducing...The Nature Centre with new video and Album campaign launch!

So Nordic Music Review is back from a Summer break, and the good news is that we are definitely back for good after a bumpy few months. This week we have a musical feast of album reviews, brand new singles and a fabulous interview lined up, but it's Sunday so we get to write about one of our favourite Non Nordic bands, and today we're delighted to introduce The Nature Centre. These guys are from Birmingham, UK and they write an entertaining blend of music that can't entirely be defined, but sits somewhere in the Indie Pop Progressive Punk field, with influences from a startling array of places - the result is a curious cacophony full of leftfield melodies, staccato rhythms that will make you hop haplessly on one leg and lyrics that amuse and bemuse in equal quantities.

Anyway my favourite of all tracks remains the quite marvellous 'Ghost of Eddie Bingo', but they've recently released a video to another song 'Pavement Driver', which opens slightly mysteriously before slowly building to the most extraordinary musical climax I've possibly ever heard - wonderfully discordant, complex and slightly absurd. Take a look at their video here:

Even better news is that The Nature Centre are on course to record their Debut Album, and we can all help by pledging our support to raise the funds they need - you can pledge money in return for drawings, digital copies of the album or even a trip to The Nature Centre with The Nature Centre - although flights from the Northern parts of Finland are unfortunately not included. Read all about their Album campaign here on Indiegogo.

The Nature Centre are also about to embark on a UK tour, and we're looking forward to them returning to Manchester in October. For more details you can find them on their Website, Bandcamp and Facebook.

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