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'Hockney' - new single 'Cellophane'

It is somewhat inevitable that we have a growing backlog, but what can we do when the number of great releases from Nordic artists arrives quicker than our little hands can type up reviews? So we'll start Monday with 'Hockney', a duo we've featured previously from Norway, and it's the type of typical quirky style Indie Pop track that we love at Nordic Music Review.

So the last time we wrote about 'Hockney' was earlier in 2018, when they released a single called 'Twenty Two.' The duo, consisting of Sigurd Fandango and Vegard Setrom then released their album 'Vacation' in September 2018, where they again teamed up with Sean O'Hagan (Stereolab, The High Llamas) for the string arrangements. I do recommend the album if you haven't heard it.

Anyway the new single is entitled 'Cellophane', and it's a quaint charming song that has a gorgeous lilting melody, and really unusual light orchestral arrangements which give the song a distinctness and originality. Those arrangements, along with changes in tempo and different sections of the song create a lovely jumbled effect, an apparent carefree approach to songwriting and arranging that really appeals to me.

Take a listen, this is 'Cellophane':

Don't forget there's plenty of great 'Hockney' material available to listen to, and for more details visit them on Facebook or Soundcloud.

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