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'The Pool' - 'Woow' (single)

So here’s something slightly different for a Saturday night – in fact it could be suggested that this is the perfect track for the coolest of backstreet nightclubs, where genres are thrown out the window (not that it has windows obviously...) to be replaced by swirling mists of industrial ambient shoegaze pop. Anyway ‘The Pool’ are a Danish band that we somewhat carelessly don’t seem to have come across before, releasing a 6 track EP in 2010 followed by an album in 2015 called ‘Repetitions’, bolstered by live performances alongside the likes of ‘The Hinds’ and ‘The Raveonettes.

Ahead of a new album to be released on the 11th October (called ‘Smokescreen’) ‘The Pool’ have released a really interesting track called 'Woow’, which you really have to just listen to in order to fully appreciate. An enigmatic opening then develops with an increasing intensity of beats and pulsing electronica, and a rather marvellous guitar line that sits menacingly over the top of the track. The vocals will just grow and grow on you, I promise, and the whole effect is mesmerizing.

This is ‘Woow’:

We'll definitely be giving 'The Pool' album 'Smokescreen' a listen when it comes out on October 11th, and for those of you in Copenhagen they'll be playing a gig with Minuit Machine next week - check their Facebook page for more details. They're also on Soundcloud and Instagram.

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