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'Pelicat' - 'So is it true?' (single)

We've featured some softer folk and classically influenced musicians, but we'll mix that up a bit with a classic jangly guitar Indie Pop track, courtesy of one of our favourite Norwegian Indie bands 'Pelicat'. Their self-titled album 'Pelicat', released back in January, is already one of our albums of the year simply because it's just great fun, entertaining infectious Indie Pop, packed full of appealing tunes - there really isn't anything not to like about these guys.

Anyway they're back already and they certainly don't hang around, because it's the first track from a new EP entitled 'Tension Street', which is due to land in October. Even more astonishingly the band are already back in the studio, writing songs for a new album which hopefully should land next year. So we're never going to be short of 'Pelicat' material to write about, and 'So is it true?' is in that familiar style of theirs, albeit maybe with a more reflective leaning, as if this is a band maturing in their songwriting and lyrics. As always there are big melodies, a catchy rhythm and the whole effect is irresistable.

This is 'So is it true?':

It's really about time some forward thinking UK promoter offered these guys a few dates over here, because we'd really love to see them. And we'll bring you more details of 'Pelicat' releases soon.

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