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'The Legends - 'Looking for Love' (single) ft Karolina from 'Club 8'

Sometimes bands and artists are all so interlinked in their projects, it's difficult to spot where one band starts and another one ends. Take the average 'Soliti' label in Finland, every band is connected and they all seem to support each others projects, which of course is exactly how it should be. Swedish band 'The Legends' is the brainchild of musician Johan Angergård, and although we've neglectfully not featured them before, he's released countless albums and singles under that name, whilst also releasing as one half of the duo 'Club 8'. In this 'The Legends' release entitled 'Looking for Love' he actually features fellow 'Club 8' vocalist Karolina Komstedt, which may all sound a tiny bit confusing, but you get the picture.

This is really 'our type' of music, gorgeously laid back lo fi indie pop, which reminds me of bands such as 'The Mummers', with an infectious melody almost straight from the start - 'Is anybody there' asks Karolina, and immediately I'm totally hooked. Accompanying the melody the subtlest of instrumentals and percussion gently swing the song along, with hardly a care in the world. 'Looking for Love' is under 2 minutes long, but it's not too short, I just love the vocals and the overall feel of the track.

Take a listen here:

You can find 'The Legends' on Facebook.

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