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'The Flavians' - new single 'Eloise' (single)

Just a quick new single release today, and it's a return for a band we've featured a couple of times previously, and the new song is possibly my favourite of all their releases to date. 'The Flavians' are a multination band based in Berlin, with Swedish, Czech and British members, and we featured their very first release (the entertaining 'Non Stop Fun...') and then again last year when they released 'Silver Car'. And since that first feature they've progressed really impressively, with an appearance at none other than Glastonbury festival, as well as huge numbers of online streams of their first 3 releases.

Their latest release is entitled 'Eloise', written about the journey from adolescence to adulthood, and it has a charming 60's melodic feel, with gorgeous instrumentation infused into the song, and maybe it demonstrates how their songwriting has matured already. But it's also simply a really enjoyable listen, and surely should pretty much appeal to everyone.

This is the video to 'Eloise':

And for those of you in Germany they're just about to head out on tour with 'Ten Tonnes'. Check out more information about the band and that tour on their Website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter sites.

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