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In Short: 'Cats of Transnistria' - 'Born Again' (single)

There's a flurry of albums due to be released in the next month, and one that we're particularly looking forward to is the new 'Cats of Transnistria' album 'Aligning', which is due to be released on 29th November by Soliti. This will be the third album for the Finnish duo, which follows on from 'Divine' (2016) and then Opium (2018), and from it they've released a new single 'Born Again', a typically atmospheric track, which mixes post rock, shoegaze and minimalist influences. The music and visions they create are full of distortions, imperfect warped sounds that are both compelling and immersive, but also slightly disturbing. We're really in for a treat at the end November when the album is released. This is 'Born Again':

For more details on 'Cats of Transnistria' visit them on Facebook, Bandcamp, Instagram and even Twitter.

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