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'Remington super 60' - new track 'Fake Crush'

We're really looking forward to Friday where we have a huge collection of new releases to write about, but in the meantime we're delighted to introduce a band that we've never had the opportunity to write about previously, even if they've been around for years and have quite possibly the best band name in the Universe - they're called 'Remington super 60'. They're Norwegian and based around songwriter, producer and record label owner Christoffer Schou and were formed as a 'Casio bedroom pop band' in 1998, going on to release several albums, EPs, as well as appearing on compilation albums and releasing a few Christmas songs along the way.

The latest version of 'Remington super 60' features Christoffer Schou and Elisabeth Thorsen, with some help from long time collaborator Magnus Abelsen, and between them they will release an EP in early 2020 - along with every other artist we're seemingly featuring at the moment'. From that EP they've released 'Fake Crush', and it's a soft melodic indie pop track, with clear 60's melodic influences, and in particular I love Elisabeth Thorsen's gorgeous vocals, that work perfectly alongside the perfectly balanced and always unobtrusive instrumentation.

This is really lovely, take a listen to 'Fake Crush':

We really look forward to the EP in January 2020, and whilst I don't think they're planning another Christmas song this year, we will definitely add their previous yuletide releases to the Nordic Christmas Playlist we're planning. In fact all of 'Remington super 60's' previous releases are worth checking out, it's a real treasure trove of indie pop delights.

And you can follow them on Facebook.

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