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Introducing... 'Detox Mañana' and debut track 'FA$T FOOD EXPERIENCE'

We wrote way too much about 'Treemer', even if they are our new favourite band, but there's so much more to cover, so we'll try to keep our next write up brief. 'Detox Mañana' are from Sweden, and they feature 3 friends who started writing and recording music earlier this year, ending up somewhat inevitably in a small lodge deep in the Swedish forests, probably populated only by other musicians doing exactly the same thing. Even more inevitably the resultant album will be released early next year (we'll never cover everything that's due for release) and the music appears to be a really interesting blend of cyberpunk, post punk and electro rock - at least, that's based on their debut track 'FA$T FOOD EXPERIENCE' which they released last week, although we are promised a range of styles on the album based around the same distinct sound.

This has really grown on me, particularly as the track develops, it's really unusual and the melodies and musical themes are undeniably catchy. In particular the weaving arpeggios work really well, and I've had this on frequent repeat ever since I first heard it.

This is Detox Mañana and 'FA$T FOOD EXPERIENCE':

The sample and title of the track, incidentally, is taken from a speech by Slovenian philosopher and writer Slavoj Žižek.

We have no idea whether we'll have time to cover that album next year, but we definitely look forward to giving it a listen. You can find them on Instagram or Facebook.

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