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'Lilla Parasit' - 'Feather Soul' (single)

Of course no-one should be so foolish to rely on Nordic Music Review for their daily / weekly dose of New Music, and one of the music websites we most frequently recommend is the ever excellent 'For The Rabbits'. Regular readers of that 'blog' will hopefully have spotted the 'Lilla Parasit' premiere they had a week or so ago, but if you didn't it's called 'Feather Soul', and it's the 2nd release from a band, which debuted in October with their track 'Gaslights'.

'Lilla Parasit' are a Swedish 4 piece band led by none other than ' Are Engen Steinsholm', who is also in indie Band 'Melby' - their album 'None of this makes me worry', released back in April, is highly recommended and nailed on to appear in our Albums of the Year list, if we get around to doing one. 'Lilla Parasit' have been experimenting with sounds and line-ups for 3 years now, settling on Amanda Lindgren (Systraskap), David Svedmyr (Me and My Kites) and Jessica Klingsell ahead of a 7 track Album release due in March 2020.

'Feather Soul' was written as a tribute to Are's sister, when they were separated by a 24 hour train journey and when she was unwell, and with that context the track becomes quite easy to understand and appreciate. Similarly to 'Melby' there is an easy going relaxed musical songwriting style, but Are's vocals are so distinct that seems to throw attention onto the words, and I love the charming middle section of the track in particular some 2 1/2 minutes in. It's a really lovely song, as well as being a great tribute to Are's sister.

Take a listen to 'Feather Soul':

'Feather Soul' is released through the excellent 'Rama Lama Records', and you can find out more on the band on Facebook or Instagram.

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