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Introducing... 'Guds Pengar' with single 'Borttappad'

After the quiet but beautiful strains of 'Temilia', we switch direction with an introduction to a band we're genuinely really excited about. 'Guds Pengar' are again from Sweden, they've recently signed to the always excellent 'Rama Lama Records', who's current artist roster includes the likes of 'Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes', the brilliant 'Melby', Julia Rakel and Delso Beach Club - all of whom who've been fortune / unfortunate enough (delete as appropriate) to be featured in NordicMusic Recview.

So 'Guds Pengar' ('God's Money') are from Malmö, and are a 4 piece that made a pretty big impression in the Swedish underground music scene with a self released EP and some apparently impressive live performances. Their 'official' debut single is entitled 'Borttappad' is out on now and it's the first from a debut album, which will be released in an increasingly hectic looking 2020 - we really hope we can do all these amazing expected Nordic releases justice.

'Borttappad' will get you right from the start, thanks to the warped melody which disappears off in a leftfield direction, fabulous vocals courtesy of Evelina Nerstrand, interesting chord progressions and all within an indie / post punk style that has an 'edge' to it, whilst being extremely easy to listen to. I just have this feeling that 'Guds Pengar' are going to be a real 'big thing' on the indie circuit in 2020.

This is ''Borttappad':

You can visit 'Guds Pengar' on Facebook or on Bandcamp.

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