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'When 'Airy Met Fairy' - 'Blanket of Sorrow' (single)

So we maybe might squeeze in one special feature over the weekend, but our last 'new release' of the year is, somewhat inevitably a 'Christmas song'. Just as inevitably it doesn't involve happy dancing Santa's, talking reindeer or even a little baby Jesus, but instead a more thoughtful reflection of what Christmas can be like for some, courtesy of Icelandic band 'When 'Airy Met Fairy' and their song 'Blanket of Sorrow'

'When ‘Airy Met Fairy’ are a band we’ve not covered too much before, I’ve no idea how we didn’t write about their 2018 album ‘Glow’, because it is a gorgeous release that was covered in depth elsewhere – check out in particular tracks such as ‘Girl’ and ‘Intoxicated’. Since that album release the band have ‘slimmed down’ to a duo comprising vocalist Thorunn Egilsdottir and bass player Mike Koster, and they’ve taken their time writing and experimenting with the sounds and drumbeats they want to use in the 13 tracks on their new album – which is to be called ‘esprit de corps’. Based on their new single, I’m really looking forward to listening to it.

Blanket of Sorrow’ opens with a simple piano and Thorunn’s heartfelt, desolate vocals, and there is both a delicacy and precision in the way in which every sound is offered. Lyrically there is a pointed simplicity too, with just a few very thoughtful lines that capture the spirit and sadness of the song – ‘It’s cold out here this Christmas, one pair of eyes are missing, are you still there or are you at all’’. The combination of the words, vocals and that lovely if melancholy melody have a real power to them, but then add to that the video, and the whole picture becomes clearer and more powerful still.

Please take a look at ‘Blanket of Sorrow’ here:

I wanted to end with this release not because I want everyone to be overly reflective of the darker side of Christmas, but because it is definitely one of the most compelling tracks I’ve heard this year, and that’s a simply nice way to round things up.

Find out more about 'When 'Airy Met Fairy' on their website or Facebook page.

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