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'Ludvig Moon' - 'Heaving For Oxygen' (single)

We have a belated Album review ready to release later, but we'll start the week with a welcome return for a Norwegian band who've been away for a while. 7 piece 'Ludvig Moon' first appeared back in 2013, and made a pretty hefty impression on the Scandinavian music scene with a couple of EPs and the release of an album entitled 'Kin' in 2016 - I think I 1st read about them in the excellent DervSwerve features on the Nordic music scene (lovely writer and lovely person) Sadly they had to take a break after the financial and mental exhaustions of trying to break it in Germany and with hefty studio costs, but they have always been a hugely creative group, and it's no surprise that they've managed to pull things back together.

'Heaving For Oxygen' is the 2nd single from a forthcoming album, which is due to be released in April 2020 and which will be called 'Vanilla'. It's an emphatic and confident Indie Pop song, and as you'd expect with a 7 piece band, there's just so much going on - from the climactic harmonised chorus, to rich, complex dream pop instrumentals. And it builds to the most emphatic and conclusion, so it's definitely worth just sticking with it. Incidentally they describe it as a song about 'bike rides in summer and anxious nostalgia', which sounds pretty spot on too.

Listen to 'Heaving For Oxygen' here.

We'll definitely write about the 'Ludvig Moon' album when its released, and in the meantime you can find them here.

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