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'Janos' - 'Sicky / Sticky' (single)

Although we still haven't covered as much as we would like this week, we're pretty pleased by the wide variety of styles and genres, as well as the quality of the releases featured - from the wonderfully offbeat 'Gypsy Chicken' to the refined songwriting of 'Signe'. And the new track from Swedish songwriter 'Janos' seems like the best way to end the week, as his brand new single 'Sicky / Sticky' (released today) is an irresistible blend of so many different styles of music - pop, R&B, soul, funk and pretty much everything else, and it has a pretty good 'Friday Feeling' about it too, despite the darker subject matter.

'Janos' may be Swedish born, but he bases himself between Oslo and London now, and the new single has the support of some impressive Norwegian production, thanks to Marcus Forsgren (Pom Poko, Jaga Jazzist) who was responsible for the extraordinary 'Narcissus' album (under the name 'Bror Forsgren') that featured in our favourite albums of 2015 - and it's never too late to go back and check that out. 'Janos' meanwhile has made a real impression across Scandinavia, with live appearances across different countries, a sold out appearance in Oslo, and with a full 8 piece line-up, that definitely sounds like the type of show we would appreciate ourselves,

'Sicky / Sticky' is about trying to reach your dreams whilst hiding from the stress of life with alcohol and drugs, and it's a great fusion of musical ideas, that somehow utilises a huge horn string section whilst still retaining a personal, laid back and lo-fi style. And the infectious catchy tunes will hit you pretty much straight from the start, creating a euphoric spirit that carry the track through from start to finish, with the brass being a highlight throughout. I really think this will have a widespread appeal.

This is 'Sicky / Sticky':

You can find out more on 'Janos' by following him on Facebook or looking on his website. ,

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