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'Jacques Labouchere' - 'Lost Goals' (single)

We've covered a fair few new names and bands in the last week, so we'll return to an 'old favourite' for another new release which was out just yesterday, and it's a very welcome return from none other than Jacques Labouchere, who we last wrote about in October 2017 when he released a lovely album entitled 'Piece' (a follow up to a self titled album and 'BI-polar Baby Strollers'), and shortly before he embarked on a mammoth European tour which took him everywhere but the UK. Jacques was originally born in Connecticut, before spending time in London and then finally settling in Sweden, and his music has always appealed to us at Nordic Music Review with its broad influences coming from across the pop, rock, folk and psychedelic spectrum.

Since 'Piece' he's been busy working on a 4th album, and 'Lost Goals' is the first glimpse of that release which is due later this year and which will be entitled ”Connecting Flights'. It's an upbeat, stylish Indie Pop song which hits the ground running with a big melody and memorable lyrics - ''Oh its easy to throw it up again, rolling down those same old alleys that left you with no friends''. With an even bigger catchy chorus, searing (and slightly unexpected) guitar solo, it's the type of track which should have you dancing around the house this weekend.

Take a listen to 'Lost Goals' here:

We look forward to covering more singles in advance of 'Connecting Flights', as well as hearing more about his next European tour which is currently pencilled in for around the album release time in Autumn 2020 - we'll have to see whether includes any UK dates, which probably also depends on whether people are still even allowed to enter or exit the country by that stage...

​Visit Jacques on his website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. The fantastic artwork is by Simon Sjöholm, and you can see some of his works on his Instagram page.

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