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  • Andy Wors

'Yune' - 'Odd One Out' (single)

We featured Danish band 'Yune' back in November, when they released their single 'Ørkensangen', and we're delighted to welcome them back with a new offering entitled 'Odd One Out', another track centred around the 'Desert' theme which we encountered when we previously wrote about them. There's something slightly curious and alluring about 'Yune' which draws me to their music, and the single (which was released a couple of weeks ago, so apologies for being behind on this one) is another with an interesting blend of sounds, and not just because of the apparently featured dog.

Anyway, just as a reminder, 'Yune' are a 5 piece band from Aarhus, slowly building their reputation in live performances across Denmark, but now concentrating on the release of their debut album - which we're delighted to confirm will be released at the end of April and is to be entitled 'Agog'. They've released 4 singles to date, my favourite being 'Animal', but for me 'Odd One Out' is the best of the lot.

Swirling atmospheric guitars set the tone, and they're able to create a vivid image of that desert scene, with nothing too hurried, and a feeling that things are getting more fraught as the track progresses with harsher tonal contradictions, as if there is an undercurrent of unease. And is the dog an aural mirage? Either way, I really like the sounds these guys produce, and I just love the subtle guitar contributions and combinations that permeate the song.

This is 'Odd One Out':

I'm really looking forward to that 'Agog' album release on April 24th, and you can find 'Yune' on Facebook or Instagram.

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