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BREGN (Denmark) - ‘Raw’ (single)

We frequently highlight the contrasts in music that we feature, and David’s write-up on the excellent Le Lac Long is a great example compared to the riotous Pom Poko, as he highlighted. Similarly there’s quite a sizeable difference between yesterday’s highly produced pop track courtesy of Daði Freyr and Danish lo-fi indie folk musician BREGN, who has just released his track ‘Raw’.

He’s another musician we haven’t featured before, and if I’m honest I don’t know a huge amount about him. He’s based in Aarhus and has a few tracks that he released on Soundcloud a couple of years back, although his 1st Spotify track was released in October, the soft and thoughtfully worded ‘Be Fine’. I almost featured it at the time, and it’s great to see that he has had a fair amount of coverage in Spotify playlists around the world.

Now Bregn is back with a new song entitled ‘Raw’, and it’s a flowing track which gets straight into its melodic stride. He really had a nice ear for a tune, writes heartfelt listenable songs that may not break new musical ground, but I’m pretty sure everyone will like it on 1st listen.

This is ‘Raw’.

Pretty nice right? You can find him on Facebook, Instagram or Soundcloud for those earlier songs.


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