March Catch Up!

I guess if there's one release from March we'd recommend more than anything, it has to be Delay Trees and their flawless indie pop album 'Let Go'. But as always we've been listening to so much more, so here's a round up of other music that we've been listening to this month: Lowly - 'Heba' (Album) It is fairly criminal that we didn't get around to writing in detail about the Lowly album 'Heba since it's release in February, but in fairness it did get a fair amount of coverage elsewhere, so you hopefully have come across it already. The Danish band's debut album was much anticipated, and it is packed full of strong tracks, straight from the opener 'Still Life'. I love the vocals, and so many

Karmacloud - new single 'The Longing'

After a lengthy Album and EP review this week, it's good to change our focus and we're delighted to introduce you to a band we haven't covered before at Nordic Music Review, 'Karmacloud', and write about their brand new single which is released today. 'Karmacloud' are a Swedish / Danish / Irish Folk Pop combination, and they have great pedigree as a band, as all 3 met whilst studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston (America, not Lincolnshire...), back in 2012, and they then went on to release an EP back in 2013. As always it sometimes takes young bands a while to get new material out, and 'The Longing' is a well constructed track, which I hope you will all like. Opening with a delicac

Kalandra - 'Beneath the Breaking Waves' EP

After a few days listening solidly to the indie pop charms of Delay Trees (highly recommended if you haven't listened yet), it's probably done me good to listen to something very different. Kalandra's long awaited debut EP 'Beneath the Breaking Waves' has been the perfect choice - partly because it's not quite what I was expecting from the Norwegian band. For those of you who are new around here, we've featured Kalandra a few times already, they were previously based in the UK, and we all had the pleasure of watching them live when they supported Moddi, which seems rather a long time ago. Now based back in Norway, their 'Beneath the Breaking Waves' EP is a collection of tracks written and r

Delay Trees - 'Let Go'

I don't think I'm giving away any secrets by revealing that, as music bloggers, we get some limited advanced glimpses into albums to get us thinking about what we might want to write. But in the case of Delay Trees new album 'Let Go', I actually couldn't bear to listen in advance of that release, simply because as excited as I was, it didn't seem right to be sitting alone on my computer, listening before everyone else heard it. To give a really bad analogy, I remember once making it to Scarborough on a Tuesday night in January for a football match, paying on the turnstiles and discovering I was the only Torquay United fan in the official 'away' end. The point I'm somehow trying to make is th

Tuvaband - 'Everything We Do is Wrong' video

We have so much to cover (and a huge backlog.... ) this week but I just wanted to start things off by giving a quick mention to an extraordinary video by Norwegian / British Tuvaband to the track 'Everything We Do is Wrong', which we featured a couple of weeks back. I really like this duo so much, they offer something very different and beautiful, and I remain utterly captivated by their sound. We will try and do some type of wider feature on them when time allows, and when the moment is right. Anyway just take a look at this: Don't forget they have a lovely collection of tracks starting to build up on streaming services, try and take a listen if you haven't already.

Interview: Katrine from Kalandra talks to NMR!

Ahead of their EP 'Beneath the Breaking Waves', which is released Monday, Katrine from Norwegian band Kalandra has been speaking to us about their debut release, UK gigs and Peruvian throat singing. NMR: So your debut EP, 'Beneath the Breaking Waves' is released on Monday, can you tell us about it please? ''In short, it really has been a longer process than I ever thought it would be. It’s been almost three years since the journey of making the songs for the EP started in Liverpool, UK. We've been in and out of various studios whenever money allowed for it. And when it didn't, we recorded in our living rooms and rehearsal spaces. In between this, we also moved back to our motherland of Norwa

Ramasjang - 'Salutogenesis' EP

Writing about Jon-Oliv Woxlin earlier reminded me of another artist who's music has been happily sitting on our internal listening playlists for months without us ever doing a review. Ramasjang are yet another band from Bergen, and whilst sadly they don't seem to have any obvious Major Parkinson connections like last weeks featured band from that city 'kathinka', they are a band with interesting originality and style, and we're delighted to belatedly introduce you to their 'Salutogenesis' EP. The EP opens with 'Flipside', and straight away you'll witness a variety of influences - indie, hip-hop and even (unless I'm imagining it) some reggae style beats, and it relies on synths to carry the m

NMR Interview - Rami Vierula from Delay Trees

Next week one of our favourite bands, Delay Trees, release their new album 'Let Go'. We've been speaking to their lead singer Rami Vierula about the new Album, his other projects and of course.... football. NMR: You seem to have been writing prolifically in the last few years, with Delay Trees, the 23:23 project and your own Rami Vierula release. Are you constantly writing new songs? ''Yeah I guess I am. I mean it comes and goes but I guess you could say I write songs on a weekly basis. Nowadays it's very intuitive for me and I've said earlier that I feel like I'm actually "thinking musically" sometimes. It just means that I feel I can translate something going on around me into music qui

Jon-Olov Woxlin - 'Act Aloof'

On our contact page for music submissions, we do promise we'll listen to everything, and we certainly do, mostly putting released album submissions on a Spotify Playlist and trying to get to know them over a couple of weeks. In the case of Swedish songwriter Jon-Olov Woxlin, his album 'Act Aloof' has been sitting on the playlist for months, and it's therefore had more listens than almost anything. The only reason I haven't reviewed it, is that I don't necessarily claim to be an expert on the Americana / Country / Folk style that he writes (well I don't claim to be an expert on anything, but particularly this genre), and I wasn't sure I'd be able to do the album justice. But the reality is t

Spring UK Nordic Gig Highlights!

Please check out our 'UK GIGS' page on the menu at the top of the page for our pick of Nordic Gigs in the UK over the next 3 months. They include Lowly, Siv Jakobsen, Hafdis Huld, Ida Wenoe and more!

Sturle Dagsland - with new video 'Nzinga'

There is a danger of us becoming Norwegian Music Review, after a stream of new artist introductions and updates from Norway, but by:Larm and Trondheim Calling have partly contributed to this, so we'll have plenty of opportunity to balance things up later in the year. Anyway, we'll drop in one more Norwegian release before getting to grips with a few album reviews that really need some attention, and that covers the utterly extraordinary 'Sturle Dagsland' We're particularly grateful for a mail pointing us in the direction of Sturle Dagsland, a band I'd come across, but hadn't really given a detailed listen - sometimes just too much music flashes by me to truly appreciate everything. They are

Introducing.... 'The Age of Colored Lizards', with single 'Pale White Sun'

We've almost overdosed on new Norwegian music in the last week, but I guess there's always time to quickly present one more band to you, although I must admit that the name 'The Age of Colored Lizards' was new to me when I was introduced to them earlier this week - and, after all, I'd have definitely remembered the name. The Age of Colored Lizards are an Oslo based band, and they fit firmly in the midst of the Shoegaze / Noise Pop genre of music, with some psychedelic influences too. 'Pale White Sun' launches straight into a dreamy melody accompanied by distorted hazy guitars, and it's a track that I like. There are plenty of references from the early 90's bands that I listened to so much i

Tuvaband - new single 'Everything we do is Wrong'

One of our favourite 'New Band' introductions last year was for 'Tuvaband', the Norwegian / British duo consisting of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and Simon Would. They'd released a double single 'Unknown' / '(It's Not About) Running', and we all loved it. You can obviously still find both tracks on all the major streaming services. Well the good news is that they're back, and the even better news for 'Tuvaband' is that they're starting to create a stir, with some impressive festival appearances (recently by:Larm and next week at SXSW), BBC Radio 1 airplay and some good write-ups on the bigger music websites. 'Everything we do is Wrong' is in the same style as their debut singles, stripped back

Introducing.... MALMØ - with single 'You'

photo by Michelle Berg We've written a few times in Nordic Music Review about the really good music blogs in the Nordic region which cover music specific to their own country. Good Because Danish is one of these, and a few weeks back they premiered a track by Danish band MALMØ entitled 'You', the first from their album 'We Come From the Stars' which is due for release in September this year. MALMØ is a band based around Danish songwriter Maria Malmø, they come from the musically prolific Aarhus, and the band also comprises Jens Mikkel Madsen, Andreas Skamby, Mathias Hunter and Asger Jakobsen. MALMØ released an EP about 2 years ago entitled 'Time and Tide Wait for No Man', which I struggled

kathinka - debut single 'Peace and Love'

We've obviously mentioned a few artists who appeared at the by:Larm festival showcase in Oslo last week, but one band who appeared back in 2010, but then went into a hiatus were Bergen based 'kathinka' - not to confused with Danish outfit Katinka, who did play at by:larm this year. Seven years on the band are back recording, and not only do they have a debut single and video 'Peace and Love', but they have an album on the way too. We're delighted to introduce you to their music. We liked 'Peace and Love' as soon as we heard it, but our interest in this band became even greater when I looked at the credentials of kathinka's band members, who've performed with a list of bands previously mentio

One Week Wonder - 'Mars' EP

If truth be told we're a bit overwhelmed with the amount of new Nordic music out there right now. With a big inbox of new submissions, a whole list of artists to check out from various Festivals and some exciting Album releases due (notably the Delay Trees), there is no shortage of material to write about. But with the attention on Norway through the by:Larm and Trondheim Calling festivals, I do feel we've neglected Iceland in this last couple of weeks, so we're delighted to correct that by introducing you to the soft charms of 'One Week Wonder'. This is another band that we probably should have come across before, but they're still relatively new, with a debut EP entitled 'Mars' only relea

Øyvind Weiseth - new video and track 'Inside Our Minds'

We've done pretty well completing a fairly detailed review of the Einar Stray Orchestra album tonight, as well as a ridiculously overlong review of the excellent Bone Moon EP last night, so we have time to write a few quick updates on other Nordic artists we like who've been releasing new material. Øyvind Weiseth is a musician we keep a close eye on, as he's one of the group of Norwegian musicians based in Liverpool, and we've featured him a couple of times on this website for interesting single releases, most notably 'Hold On' which was released last summer. After the complexity of Einar Stray Orchestra, 'Inside Our Minds' takes us in a different direction, a fairly simply structured and we

Einar Stray Orchestra - 'Dear Bigotry'

The year has definitely started well for some really strong and substantial Nordic album releases, and from bands / artists that I have a huge amount of respect for too. After Koria Kitten Riots charming 'Songs of Hope and Science', it's been a huge pleasure to get to know the the 3rd Album from Norwegian band Einar Stray Orchestra. Their last album 'Politricks' was a huge favourite, but 'Dear Bigotry' seems to have far more depth, and a more consistent selection of really good tracks. Hopefully most of you will be aware of Einar Stray Orchestra, a Norwegian outfit that I definitely won't describe as Chamber Pop (because I dislike the phrase immensely), but which cleverly combine Folk, Orche

Strange Hellos - new video 'Monumental'

We try not to feature too many individual video releases, especially from bands that are likely to be featured in lots of other places too, but I do like this new track and video from Norwegian band Strange Hellos entitled 'Monumental', so I thought I'd add it to this weeks mix of releases. It is a follow up from a number of singles they've released in the last year, the pick of which was the blisteringly good, and quite possibly 'Best Track of 2016', 'We Are Trouble'. You can watch 'Monumental' here: Strange Hellos debut album won't be released until Autumn this year, but given they've just been appearing at by:Larm I have no doubt they'll be following that up with some other live appearan

Haunted Mansions - 'Sunshine Crawlers' single

We never claim to be the quickest of the mark in featuring some of the great new Nordic sounds, and we're certainly a good month behind when it comes to writing about Norwegian band 'Haunted Mansions' (on Riot Factory), who've been featured a good few times as the 'new' Nordic band to watch on a variety of respected websites. And it's certainly understandable, based on their debut single 'Sunshine Crawlers', a brilliantly inventive track with a fusion of musical genres, and which will leave you literally dancing around the house and street. Take a listen here: After this single and a successful performance at Trondheim Calling, the Norwegian duo have everyone's attention, so their next relea

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