Ingolf Bebba - new single 'House of David'

Sometimes a track comes along that i just can't stop listening to. Last week it was the new track 'Pilots' by 'The Radar Post', but this time it's a lovely song written by 'Ingolf Bebba' entitled 'House of David', which just has so much warmth and natural melodic charm. 'Ingolf Bebba' is a Norwegian songwriter, musician and producer we haven't featured before. There aren't that many historic releases to reference, but those which are on Soundcloud / Spotify are really worth checking out. Both 'In the Shimmer' and 'It Comes and Goes With the Wind' feature fellow Norwegian songwriter 'Sea Change', and their vocals are the perfect combination of soft melancholic wistfulness, with a sax floating

Gus Ring - 'Hypnoseas'

The mountain of releases keeps getting higher, and we have some really interesting albums to cover including Code Elektro, Major Parkinson and many more. But we do like to cover offbeat original releases from independent songwriters, so we're delighted to cover Gus Ring, a Swedish musician who describes his music as 'acoustic dreampop', but actually his music is more diverse than that, and it is all written in a personal intimate style which makes it rewarding for the listener. Although now a prolific tourer around Europe, 'Gus Ring' started off playing in hardcore metal bands, but his love for more fragile music developed quickly, and he released a self produced album entitled 'Boredomtapes

Old S Resort - new single 'Whiskey'

Important news has reached us at Nordic Music Review that the extra special vinyl edition of the new Major Parkinson album is sitting at the Post Office looking forlorn and abandoned, but before we go and rescue it we have time for just one more brand new track from Norway, courtesy of the curiously named 'Old S Resort'. There isn't that much information online about 'Old S Resort', so we're delighted to be able to correct that now, as it is the project of Simen Søgnen, a songwriter from Oslo who was previously in the band 'Fold', and then the electronic duo 'Norte'. Last year he released the EP 'Creaky', and he's now followed that up with a couple of new tracks, including the latest 'Whiske

Matterhorn - singles 'Aorta' and 'Bleeding Under Water: Aorta Part 2'.

With such a barrage of new releases hitting, we have inevitably built up a backlog, and one band which have been sitting on our music listening playlist for a couple of weeks now is a Norwegian project entitled 'Matterhorn'. Matterhorn was first formed back in 2015 by Tommy Sebastian Halseth, a long time contributor to the local music scene in Trondheim with bands such as Atrox, Griffin and Wattermezz, some of whom can easily still be tracked down online. It's taken Matterhorn (a name which I love...) a while to get moving, but they've now released 2 tracks, 'Aorta' and 'Bleeding Under Water: Aorta Part 2'. There are a number of things that i really like about these tracks, at 8 minutes and

Plàsi - new single 'Follow Me'

We'll stay in Sweden with another track that is purely personal in both it's design, and in the way it is performed. ' Plàsi ' is a musician we haven't featured before - originally Mikael Bitzarakis, he was born on the island of Crete, but has lived in Sweden since an early age, studying songwriting at the Rytmus Music School in Stockholm. Influenced by acoustic guitar music from the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Kings of Convenience, Plàsi released an EP entitled 'Now & Then' back in 2016 , proof that no matter how hard we try, we always miss out on some charming music. These 5 tracks of soft acoustic tracks are still available and pretty easy to find on streaming services. Plàsi is now pre

'Tall Blonde' with single 'I will light up the sea'

Well we've covered an album launch today at least, so we'll try now to cover as many other new releases as possible, and we'll start in Sweden with a lovely track from duo 'Tall Blonde', with a track entitled 'I Will Light Up the Sea'. 'Tall Blonde' consist of guitarist/vocalist Frithiof Stenvall and drummer Andreas Larsson, and they come from Jokkmokk in the North of Sweden. Originally they wrote under the name Frithiof as a trio, whom observant readers will remember as we featured them in Nordic Music Review almost exactly one year ago when they released their single 'Love Is A Long Shot'. Now we didn't know of the 'Frithiof' connection until we decided to feature 'Tall Blonde', which hope

Jacques Labouchere - 'Piece'

There is a huge range of new albums being released this week, so much so that we're tempted to declare today as an official Nordic Music Bank Holiday just so that you can all stay at home, save money on petrol and public transport, and spend the day listening to and buying new music instead. Amongst the releases we're delighted to welcome Jacques Labouchere's album entitled 'Piece', which is a lovely treasure trove of interesting and sometimes quirky psychedelic folk tracks, all with interesting lyrics. We have written about Jacques Labouchere before, and (in a particularly rubbish anecdote) even almost got to see him live at the much missed Carefully Planned Festival in Manchester last yea

Novocaine - 'Swept Away'

Whilst we sit here patiently (ok really impatiently...) awaiting a Vinyl shaped package to arrive from Bergen containing the new Major Parkinson album 'Blackbox', we're reminded of the huge wealth of great music from that Norwegian city. 'Novocaine' may be a familiar name with Norwegian readers, but they are a band we haven't featured before. They released an album entitled 'Swept Away' earlier this year which is worthy of a listen, and in particular their single 'Paradox' is definitely worth adding to your latest Nordic playlist. 'Novocaine' were formed way back in 1999, playing a vast number of gigs and having one single, a really likeable indie rock track entitled 'Dancing' (still availa

Elisif Norrman - debut video 'Feathers'

After such a raw and personal EP from 'Sjakal', we stay in Sweden, but this time for a different style of songwriting. Elisif Norrman is a singer songwriter from the North of the country, who grew up in a musical family, and is heavily influenced by folk music and her environment - as well as numerous different styles of music from jazz to reggae. Her debut video 'Feathers' (directed by herself) was released just over one week ago, and it's a lovely introduction to her music. Lyrically Elisif Norrman writes of her connection with the natural surroundings - 'when I'm lost i turn to water, maybe lost but never alone', and in that respect she has a hint of Finnish folk songwriter 'Catself' ab

Sjakal - 'Waking Dream' EP

We're trying to feature a real cross -section of musical styles at the moment, so after LOCALS, it's nice to change the atmosphere completely and write about a new artist who's power comes from the intimacy of her songwriting. Sjakal is originally from Sweden, but is now based in Copenhagen, and in terms of similar musical styles she has more in common with 'Wy' perhaps (incidentally their new album is released today), and her debut EP is entitled 'Waking Dream', and it was released just 2 weeks ago. This is music created off the back of 'Sjakal's' struggle with sleep deprivation and anxiety, and as you would expect with such a release, the music and words have a personal honesty that will

Endlings - ''Somethin' Old'' EP

Whilst some music websites just focus on brand new releases, we realise that sometimes we miss new material from the last 12-18 months, and are more than happy to cover them belatedly. And Norwegian / Irish band 'Endlings' with their somewhat ironically entitled EP 'Somethin' Old' fit in this category, with an EP release in March last year and some impressive live appearances this year at festivals such as by:Larm - which we're hoping to get to ourselves next year. So 'Endlings' consist of a fairly traditional line up of 4 band members, Ole Martin Solberg, Amund Karlsen, Daragh Murphy and Anders Dahlberg, and they're based between Oslo and Trondheim. Musically there are some fairly traditio

LOCALS - new single ''She Makes Me Feel Like Rock'n'Roll''

Well we've covered an album (Ane Bjerkan) in full intricate detail in the last couple of days, so we can now enjoy ourselves and start throwing at you some great tracks from other bands we've not featured before. The first one is from 'LOCALS', a Swedish band who have released a new single 'She Makes Me Feel Like Rock'n'Roll', which is their 2nd single from their forthcoming EP. This track instantly appealed to me, because amongst all the other melancholy, emotional and slightly fraught songs we've been listening to, this sticks out as a beacon of indie rock light, with a huge high intensity chorus that will bounce around your head all night and a stadium style that could adorn any festival.

Ane Bjerkan - 'Nothing But Cherry Blossoms from Now On'

There are so many album releases hitting in October and November that we did consider trying to review an 'album a day' over both months to try and cover them all. But, along with all the new music submissions, it would just be way too ambitious. So, short concise reviews on the most lovely releases is the order for the next month, and Ane Bjerkan is a great place to start, as her album 'Nothing But Cherry Blossoms from Now On' has grown very quickly on me after just a few days of listening. Ane Bjerkan may be a new name to most of you as a solo artist, but she might be known to you as the lead singer in the the lovely Norwegian band Østfrost. Her debut album follows a couple of singles whi

The Radar Post - new single 'Pilots'

We experimented for a few weeks with a 'Monday Selection' which summarised a number of new releases into one feature, but we really don't think it gives artists the space and attention they deserve. So we've scrapped that already. The new release 'Pilots' by The Radar Post is a great example of a track that warrants so much more attention than a miserly few lines, and we're delighted to start the week by demanding (in a perfectly nice way...) that you all go and take a listen. We haven't featured either The Radar Post or the multi-instrumentalist behind the project Esben Svane (formally drummer in the band 'A Friend in London') in Nordic Music Review previously, but we're happy to correct th

Ilkka Arola - 'From the Depths of the Earth'

I've made frequent reference to Finnish jazz trumpeter Ilka Arola over recent weeks because we've meaning to write about his music for so long, but a huge surge in submissions, the normal Autumnal peak in new music releases, and some general shambolic organisational incompetence has resulted in a delay. So hopefully a few of our regulars may have got the message and sought it out for themselves already, but if you haven't please do, because 'From the Depths of the Earth' is a fascinating, and quite frankly brilliantly performed album, which is worthy of 45 minutes of anyone's time. Of course many of you log on to our website in search of the latest Indie Rock sounds, or even the latest desp

Weaver - single and video 'Boxes'

We just need 6 minutes of your time. Maybe 7 minutes to read the introduction first and the video after, but we guarantee this will be the best music video you've seen for a long time, and 7 minutes well spent. Or we'll give you a refund on your subscriptions. Anyway we're delighted firstly introduce you to Weaver, a Swedish songwriter and musician (Johan Weber) whom we haven't written about before, but who has a couple of EP's still available online from the last few years that are well worth checking out - the track 'Underneath a Question Mark' stands out in particular. His latest release however is the single 'Boxes', and accompanying it is the most extraordinary Video, made in conjunc

Staffan Sandell - 'Sightings from an Air Balloon' EP

As I mentioned in another feature, I've spent way too much time visiting hospitals recently (note, I'm not a Hospital Inspector), and inevitably it has slightly changed my perspective on everything that's going on around me. I have too wondered why I continue to plough on with this website, grabbing 30 minutes at 6.30am, writing late at night, and being constantly hounded by PR companies who, after all, seem to make a living out of us bloggers writing for the love of what we do. But then as I drove back to the hospital 2 nights ago I listened to a track which was so simple, but so lovely, and everything made sense again. I clearly needed to look at life from a hot air balloon. Swedish music

Select Captain - new single and video 'Straight No Chaser'

We've covered such a massive selection of new Danish artists and bands over the last few weeks that I think we should be allowed to return to one of our old favourites, Select Captain, who has returned with a preview of his 3rd album (a follow up to the very likeable 'Strings and Feathers'), the single 'Straight No Chaser'. The track deals with the slightly thorny subject of just watching life pass by whilst spending time on futile things, and having spent most of the last few weeks visiting hospitals, it's a track that's added to the voices in my head telling me to certainly be more decisive about my choices in life. I don't think it's quite telling me that music blogging is pointless, but

Honeymilk - new single 'Havslåten'

I have no idea why we haven't covered 'Honeymilk' in detail before, given that we've really enjoyed all of their tracks in the last few years, and they seem to be an almost permanent fixture on our new music playlists. But we'll correct that now by telling you about their new single 'Havslåten', and for any readers who somehow may have missed out on them, we'll point you in the direction of their back catalogue. So Honeymilk are from Stockholm, and they now consist of Marcus Admund and Nikki Nyberg. Over the last few years they've released a steady stream of singles, an excellent EP ('Sanguine Skies'), and they've made it over to the UK a few times for live dates too. Ahead of their new albu

The Monday Selection (09/10): 'Barrow', 'Paper Tigers', 'Erik Fastén', '

This week we have 5 more selections for you, 2 Albums, 2 Single releases and a special Live Video. Barrow (Denmark) with Album 'Like A Home' We'll start off this with week with another album which has distinct Americana as well as Nordic Folk influences, and it's the release from Danish band 'Barrow' entitled 'Like A Home'. This is a band that have made a fair impression back home, being nominated as 'Best New Folk Talent' at the Danish Music Awards, with radio airplay too and a performance at the esteemed 'SPOT' Festival (and which we're going to one year...). 'Like A Home' is the comfy armchair of music releases, full of easy listening tunes, and tales of misadventures, strongest in soft

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