'Sebastian Zawadzki' - 'Reduction in the Intensity of Light' (from the album 'No

So we've covered post punk, folk pop and some music that seems to fit in between a variety of genres, we'll head into the weekend now with an absolutely lovely album from a Polish born composer, who is now residing in Copenhagen. Sebastian Zawadzki trained as a jazz pianist, released an improvised jazz album entitled ”Luminescence” in 2014, as well as works composed for a jazz piano trio and string quartet ”Euphony” in 2015. However his compositions have since developed into the classical sphere, writing classical compositions including a "Concerto for Bassoon and Chamber Orchestra" in 2016, and he's also now even composed film scores - the list is already pretty extensive, and he's still

'When the World Sleeps' - new single 'Pain'

We're really trying to mix up the music styles today, and we'll be finishing up by heading into the 'neo-classical' world next, but firstly we'll introduce a band that I'm not entirely sure how I should try and define - which in my eyes is a good thing. 'When the World Sleeps' are an alternative rock band from Sweden, but their music is bedded within a 'popular' sounding style which should give them widespread appeal, whilst at the same time clearly having some influences from post punk and post rock genres too. Anyway they're a 4 piece band, and to date they've released just 3 tracks that I can find. Their debut track released early this year was 'Hurricane', and that was shortly followed b

'Are You Having Fun Yet' - 'High as a Concept' (single)

All the bands and artists we've covered today have been new to Nordic Music Review, so we'll now cover 2 that have been featured before, starting with Norwegian band 'Are You Having Fun Yet'. We introduced you to this Norwegian based band last summer after they made quite an impression with a stream of online tracks, and appearances at festivals and the always excellent Sofar Sounds. Anyway they're back and the good news is that their new track 'High as a Concept' is released today, and it's the first single from their debut album which is due to be released in May. It's a typically well written song from the trio, I like the way this band fuse together different styles into their music, th

'Select Captain' - 'Highest Peak' (single)

To contrast with that quite blistering track from 'Sauropod', we'll return to another track from a familiar face and name in Nordic Music Review, Danish singer songwriter 'Select Captain'. This year he is releasing a stream of singles leading up to his new album, a follow up to his 2016 release 'Strings and Feathers', and the latest is 'Highest Peak'. It was co-written and produced by none other than Esben Svane, the man behind the excellent The Radar Post, an artist we hold in the highest regard. This is another measured track from Kristian Gaarskjær, the man behind the Select Captain moniker, which opens with a simple guitar accompaniment, before it opens up into the most beautiful melody

'Sauropod' - 'I Know Where You've Been' (single)

Our Friday tour of all genres and all Nordic countries takes us quickly to Norway, and a quite excellent single which has just arrived on our virtual doorstep. Sauropod are from Norway, and they're a 3 piece grunge rock band who have made a pretty big impression since they were formed a couple of years back, and are likely to make an even bigger impact going forward, if their new single is anything to go by. 'I Know Where You've Been' has a blistering guitar opening, but I just love the direction this track heads off in, with a catchy vocal melody which makes it instantly likeable, and then enough twists and turns to appeal to everyone who likes punk and progressive rock music, whether it's

Canary Islands - 'Canary Islands III' (album)

We've tried to cover a wide range of bands this week, and we'll continue next with a shortish album review, covering the release of a well written, warm, engaging and ultimately satisfying album from Swedish band 'Canary Islands'. The album is actually released today too, which makes us almost surprisingly relevant. This is their 3rd release and debut album, hence the title 'Canary Islands III' and it follows on from their previous releases entitled 'Canary Islands' and erm... 'Canary Islands II'. In the midst of it all the Malmo 'sextet' have established themselves as an excellent live outfit, and even played at our favourite Nordic music festival Indiefjord back in 2014, and hopefully th

Introducing...'The Hangers' with debut 'Medievil'

We should have written about this debut from Finnish band 'The Hangers' last month, as I liked their song as soon as I heard it, but the sheer scale of submissions left us slightly overwhelmed, and we're only just getting back on top of things. So we'll correct that right now, as they're a young 5 piece band studying in Espoo who write laid back folk pop tunes, with nice melodies and distinct vocals. The story behind their track 'Medievil' is actually pretty simple, because the band were just sitting around playing on a playstation when one of them started jamming a riff, another added a vocal melody, words followed, and they soon had a song. And actually that's why I like 'Medievil', it's

'Prins Wilmer' - 'Ett gud välsignat koris, en helig symfoni' (single)

After the outrageous 'classic pop' melodies of 'Moving to Canada', we'll switch emphasis to a different style of music writing, but remain in Sweden. 'Prins Wilmer' is a young songwriter (just 22) and producer, and he writes what I'd describe as orchestral pop, ambitious complex pop songs that are often (but not always) grounded in big instrumentation, and have a sense of theatre to them too. The track that we'll feature is entitled 'Ett gud välsignat koris, en helig symfoni', which rather wonderfully translates to something like 'A god blessed chorus, a holy symphony'. And even if the artist isn't taking himself too seriously with the title, I love the ambition of the music, opening with a

Introducing... 'Moving to Canada' with single 'Stardust Invasion'

We're hoping to have a 'bumper' edition of Nordic Music Review today, featuring a whole range of artists and bands that cover an even wider range of genres and styles, from commercial to classical. Hopefully - assuming we get our collective act together. And we'll start the proceedings off with a great 'Friday' song, from another new band from Sweden called 'Moving to Canada', who've debuted with the most outrageously catchy indie pop track called 'Stardust Invasion'. So 'Moving to Canada' are a 4 piece pop band, and they're already getting some good radio attention for this debut song, combined with some global blog coverage. Their approach to songwriting seems pretty simple, write great tu

Introducing.... 'Ox' with video 'Hidden'

We're always on the look out for original sounding bands that bring together different styles of music, and fuse it together into something which sounds unusual and interesting. And Swedish band 'Ox' have arrived on the scene with their debut single and video released today, the likes of which I really don't think you'll have seen or heard before. So 'Ox' are are a 4 piece band from Gothenburg, consisting of Ida Gudmundsson (vocals, ukulele), Tone Persdotter (vocals, philicorda, synthesizer), Simon Larsson (synthesizer, beats) and Ragnar Bern (percussion), and I list those because it gives a pretty good idea of the variety of instruments they use - with ukulele and percussion being stand ou

Baby in Vain - new 'Live at Tapetown' video and UK date

So following on for 'The Presolar Sands', we switch back to Denmark and a band that we've mentioned a few times on here and on Social Media, but we've never actually formally written about. 'Baby In Vain' are a 3 piece band who've been around for a few years, and have made a big impression with a stream of good releases, including their excellent album 'More Nothing' which was released last August - we pointed people in its direction as a recommendation before we headed off for annual holidays. Anyway today sees the latest instalment of the 'Live at Tapetown', which previously has seen us feature 'Hater' amongst others, and this is a really good performance by 'Baby in Vain'. The chosen tr

'The Presolar Sands' - new single 'Our Loss / Your Reward'

We have 2 features today on 2 bands we should have really featured before now, but for one reason or another, have never quite got around to them. The first are 'The Presolar Sands' from Sweden, and they're a name that have kept appearing on gig and psych festival listings over the last few years - I think I first spotted the name when i saw they were playing at the Copenhagen Psych festival a couple of years back, an excellent event for spotting some of the most interesting psych bands around. Anyway they're a 4 piece band from Stockholm who were formed back in 2014, and they're on the excellent Lazy Octopus records home to a wealth of good artists such as Holy Now, Co Sonn and The Echo Fie

'State of Sea': debut EP 'Illusions'

There's been somewhat of a Danish theme to our features this week, with an introduction to 'Fred Seul', and re-acquainting ourselves with 'Ghost of Belle Starr', and we'll continue with a band who are at least partially Danish, and who include a member who should be no stranger to regular readers. 'State of Sea' are a 3 piece band containing the singer songwriter Anna Scharling, who we've written about a couple of times, and she's joined in this project by 2 musicians / songwriters with vast experience, 'James Craft' and 'Anna Roemer', and their new release is a finely judged EP, which has a softness and a vivid eloquence which I think contrasts well with our other Danish features this week

Introducing... 'Fred Seul' and debut 'Lights Will Come (After Long):

Today we introduce 2 new artists / bands, and both are from Denmark, with the first being 'Fred Seul', who has an approach to songwriting which is really individual, and pretty refreshing too - I think this will go down pretty well irrespective of the style of music you normally listen to. Anyway he's a young 24 year old songwriter, and his music is crafted around his passion for social activism, and that's particularly apparent in his debut single. 'Lights will Come (After Long)' discusses the question of whether authorities should in some way intervene and help people to test drugs before use to ensure that those taking them do so safely, and that's a powerful subject issue to go straight

Dan Olsen - new single 'It Was Only Yesterday'

Straight over to the Faroe Islands now with a lovely track from a singer songwriter we haven't featured before, but who has an international reputation for his music, whilst still retaining an independent feel to his songwriting. Dan Olsen is now based in London, but his journey so far has involved him representing the Faroe Island Under 21's football team, playing in a Champions League qualifier and studying in Australia, before moving to the UK to pursue his music career. His new release is entitled 'It Was Only Yesterday', and yes it has a commercial edge to the sound, but I like the melancholy feel to it, along with the passion of the vocals. I think the early part of the track sets the

Ghost of Belle Starr - new single 'Girl, We're Going to Die'

We're starting the week with a Danish band we featured in the very dim and distance past, 'Ghost of Belle Starr'. They were actually one of the first new bands we ever featured, when we launched with our '50 New Bands in 50 days' feature, and they then released an excellent self titled EP in 2015, the highlight of which remains 'Sun in My Eyes', partly because it's happily sat on a favourite running playlist for the last 3 years. Anyway they're back, and they have a slightly new sound, which I rather like. The new single is cheerily entitled 'Girl, We're Going to Die' and it's been getting some excellent coverage in some of our favourite music blogs. Despite the song launching in with the ly

Marthe Halvorsen - 'All Is in the Seed' (Album)

I've touched on this subject before, but sometimes music becomes synonymous with a time in your life, an event, even a journey or a holiday. And I'll always remember Marthe Halvorsen's album 'All In the Seed' as it arrived at a time when I really needed some help, with some long car journeys to deal with and too much time to contemplate family illness issues. In a strange selfish way I've almost not wanted to share it with anyone - maybe even in the way in which a child will hold onto a comfort blanket or favourite teddy. But clearly editing a Music Blog whilst taking the approach of not sharing the really good stuff would be slightly odd, so I'll just get on with it and try and explain a b

'Snowed In' - 'Fun is Overrated' EP

Of course the one question that no sensible or reputable music magazine / blog will ever try and pose is 'Who Are the Greatest Band Ever', because that one question will result in such a huge flurry of opinions and debates that it is like to create a huge dispute before the obvious conclusion is reached that it was impossible to answer in the first place. But of course we're neither a sensible or a reputable music blog, and therefore the answer to the question is quite obviously Cardiacs. So when a little man found himself a house band event in Iceland wearing a Cardiacs t-shirt and was complimented on it by a member of Icelandic band 'Snowed In', and then told the whole world window about

Introducing... Dreaming of the Pyramids with single 'The Sun Still Shines for You'

We have a stream of new releases to feature this week, but we'll start the week with a band from Sweden who made their debut a couple of years back, but after a break of a couple of years, have returned with a new vigour and a new sound too. 'Dreaming of the Pyramids' are a 4 piece band from Karlskrona, a naval city in the south of Sweden, and they were formed with members who had previously played in 2 bands, 'Parlour' and 'Blitz united' - I think I found a trace of the latter on YouTube, and they were pretty good too. Anyway the new sound that I referenced comes from a switch from the synthesizer based earlier tracks to an approach that now utilises synths and guitars. And that's definitel

Delsbo Beach Club - new single 'Talking in My Head'

So we have a new single, an album review and hopefully something else today - apologies for it being a quiet features week, but we are working on something special which will be of huge interest to UK readers who like attending live gigs. Anyway we'll start today with 'Delsbo Beach Club' a Swedish band with a great name, and who made a really good impression when they released their debut single last year entitled 'All the Way Home' - and you can find that on streaming services. Their new single is entitled 'Talking in My Head' and I like the simplicity of the idea behind the track - songwriter Erik Björklund' had met a girl he really wanted to open up his heart and tell everything to, but

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