Introducing... 'November Stories' and new track 'Fifteen Minutes'

Unfortunately there's only time for 1 new release tonight, but hey it's a lovely track to start your weekend, and I guess we have to make sure we've covered this today - given it is the last day of the month. So 'November Stories' are from Sweden, and they simply describe themselves as '4 best friends from Stockholm', which I guess is pretty nice, and they first came to prominence last year when they released a 5 track EP entitled 'All the Promises' - I've been listening to it today, and hopefully some of you will seek it out as it's pretty easy to track down on Spotify etc. Anyway their new song is called 'Fifteen Minutes' and immediately it's the warmth of the piano sound that draws me in,

'YOHIO' with new track 'Merry Go Round'

After our Elsa Åborg feature we'll go straight to the opposite extreme now, as this next track does have a big Commercial bias to it, but it is undeniably a hugely entertaining song. The artist is Swedish/Japanese visual pop sensation 'YOHIO', who came to prominence a few years ago when he participated in Melodifestivalen (which is used to select the Eurovision Song Contest representative) both in 2013 and 2014, making it to the final on both occasions, and coming in second place in his first year. Now the history is interesting because as soon as I heard his new track 'Merry Go Round' I thought that it sounded like a theatrical progressive rock act writing a Eurovision song contest entry,

Elsa Åborg with new track 'I cave'

We have 2 releases from Sweden to feature today, and I love the fact that they are just so contrasting in styles. We'll start with Elsa Åborg, a singer songwriter based in Stockholm, who previously played in a project called 'High on Heels' (with Julia Frej), and who herself released her debut EP at the end of 2015 entitled 'Heart Attacks' - which is an interesting collection of songs worth checking out on Bandcamp if you have chance. Her new release is entitled 'I cave' and it opens introspectively with personal and thoughtful lyrics, vocals simply accompanied by acoustic guitar, and as always that throws all the attention on to the words and the expression in the voice. But the track, wh

Introducing... 'Vetle Forsell' with debut 'In Waiting'

Just one new track tonight, it was actually released yesterday and it gives us the opportunity to introduce another artist we haven't featured before, Vetle Forsell . So Forsell is a young gender fluid singer/songwriter from Norway, born in the beautiful town of 'Stavenger' and who learnt to play music on an old piano in the family house, before also learning to play guitar. Musically influenced by the likes of 'Sufjan Stevens' (as everyone should be), 'The Beatles' and interestingly 'Pink Floyd' too, there is an expansive side to the music, which is distinctly folk influenced but with a cinematic feel. Anyway it's Vetle Forsell's experiences growing up that have been key to developing songw

Introducing.... 'Mia Berg' with track 'Hurry'

We've had one new artist introduction from Norway today, and somewhat inevitably our 2nd takes us in the direction of Bergen, which remains the most prolific of musical cities. 'Mia Berg' is a relative newcomer to the Norwegian musical scene, but she has already appeared at gigs organised by Øyafestivalen and By:Larm, so clearly she's an artist that everyone is looking out for already. Her new single is entitled 'Hurry', and this appealed to me predominantly because of her voice, which I think is so compelling, slightly desolate sounding vocals that suit the subtle electronica opening, as well as when accompanied by flowing guitar. The crackling musical effects create a deliberate disruptio

Introducing...'Lokoy' - 'Can We All Go to Bed' (EP)

We have a couple of new releases today that are probably slightly different in style than our normal Indie Rock and Folk influenced sounds, although 'Lokoy' ('Lasse Lokoy') is connected to a band we have featured a number of times - as he is also the bass played of the excellent Sløtface. His debut EP is released today through 'Propeller Recordings', and it's an intriguing mix of experimental pop, with 4 tracks that head off in completely directions - which is backed up by 'Lokoy's' own description of it being like a 'compass rose'. It opens with 'Can We All Go to Bed' and it's a curious mix of laid back vocals, electronica and rhythms, it's mesmerizing and just packed full of subtle detail.

Coming Soon... Album Reviews...

Check back over the next week for Album Reviews from Sara Forslund, Alpaca Sports, Haggren Gravlund and much more...

'In Deed' - 'Heart Attack' (video)

We've managed to cover an album review today (hopefully 2 more in the next few days), so we'll feature something slightly shorter now, and hopefully if you liked 'Caper Clowns' then 'In Deed' from Sweden will be similarly appreciated. Regular readers might remember that we actually covered them previously in January subsequent to the release of their 'Everest' album, and also when they managed to get over to the UK for a few gigs around March. So this is a band that made quite an impression a few years back but then went on a hiatus (don't tempt us...) but have returned with a flurry of activity, and big plans for 2019. They've firstly released a video to 'Heart Attack', which was a stand o

'Caper Clowns' - ' A Salty Taste To The Lake' (Album)

I'm not convinced too many people read every word of our long detailed reviews, so we'll do our best to keep our 'Caper Clowns' waffling relatively short and sweet. Instead we'll simply point you all in the direction of the curiously named 'A Salty Taste To The Lake' before heading off for a cup of finest British tea (even if we're far more European right now), content in the knowledge that we've recommended an Album that will keep you entertained to the end of the year. OK maybe a little more detail. So 'Caper Clowns' are from Denmark and they've been around since 2010, releasing an album entitled 'The Buca Bus' in 2016, getting some pretty good admiration from across the world and even res

'Windmills and Giants' with track 'Venom Eyes'

Editing a music blog and dealing with never ending backlogs go hand in hand, but we do try to give everything a fair chance, even if it means occasionally we feature a 'new' track weeks or even months late. So our 2nd band 'new' to Nordic Music Review today are another duo, 'Windmills and Giants' from Norway, but unlike 'Slide' from Sweden, these guys have been making music together for quite some time. There's also a big difference in musical styles too, as 'Windmills and Giants' write folk rock with a distinct 'Nashville' influence in their guitar sound. The duo comprising of Thomas Solvang and Lars Nilsson have releases stretching back to 2015 and their recent release 'Venom, Eyes' comes

Introducing....'Slide' with track 'Laugh Some More'

So we're featuring 2 bands new to Nordic Music Review this morning, and we'll start off with a visit to Sweden. 'Slide' will probably be a new name to everyone actually as they only released their debut single last Friday, they're a duo consisting of Albin Skeppholm and Simon Werne, and their new release is the first from what's expected to be a debut EP released next Spring. 'Laugh Some More' is based around the idea that those things you love most ended up becoming an almost unhealthy 'drug', and whilst I've seen similar topics to this explored, I like that specific idea and their exploration of it. Musically they're a conventional rock duo in many respects, but there's a 'dirty' edge to

'Tall Blonde' - new single 'Bluebird'

We'll leave Finland to their happy pastime of 'leaf raking' and head back to Sweden for another artist we've featured previously - tomorrow we'll be featuring 2 bands brand new to Nordic Music Review. We've written about 'Tall Blonde' a few times, most recently in March when he released his 'Wonderful' EP. Regular readers will remember the Jokkmokk based musician starting under the name 'Frithiof' before moving to the 'Tall Blonde' moniker, and he now releases as a solo artist - albeit working with other musicians on each release. His latest track 'Bluebird' is a good example of that, because it's the musical arrangements that I think are so effective. As always 'Tall Blonde' has a melodic

'Pastis' with new track 'Valour Valour'

We have 2 updates from bands previously featured on Nordic Music Review today, but promise we have 5 or 6 brand new names to cover throughout the week. We'll start off in Finland, where I'm surprised they've got enough time to write music in between all the 'leaf raking', but turns out they still have, and we're delighted to update you on the progress of indie band 'Pastis'. Now we first (belatedly) wrote about these guys earlier this year after they'd released their 'Four Stories' EP late in 2017, and they've now released 2 singles from an album due early next year. 'Valour Valour' is an anthemic track with a trumpet introduction, and it somehow nicely intertwines 60's melodies with a mor

Sunday Non Nordic Indie - 'Jordan Jane' with track 'Follow the Cliff Face North'

So Ok it's Monday, but I didn't quite have time to press the big blue 'Publish' button yesterday on this, so we'll sneak in a Non Nordic Indie track this morning before we head back to Scandinavia for 2 more releases. 'Jordan Jane' is from Cornwall, which for our mostly Nordic readership is possibly the most beautiful county in the UK, and a place I particularly love given I've made so many so many trips over the border from neighbouring Devon where I grew up. 'Jordan Jane' is understandably proud of his Cornish heritage, and he actually comes from Falmouth, the surrounding areas of which are particularly idyllic - the Southern coast has a an amazing natural and mostly unspoilt beauty. It's

Introducing... 'V I L N E S' with debut track 'Demons'

So we have a clean sweep of Norwegian music today, but nicely balanced between an established artist ('Highasakite') and 2 new artists, firstly 'To Eva' and now a debut release from singer songwriter 'V I L N E S'. I've been so excited to share this particular artist, as I've listened to his debut track almost daily since I first heard it. Anyway 'V I L N E S' is from Norway, and he's been tantalisingly releasing teasers and some YouTube performances over recent months, but we're delighted to be able to feature his official debut single. It's entitled 'Demons', and it's beautifully handcrafted offbeat pop, which is engaging straight from the instrumental opening. It has a tune which everybod

Introducing...'To Eva' with track 'Palette'

We were only saying a few weeks ago how we don't quite have so much contact with Norwegian musicians based in Liverpool as we used to. Thankfully someone must have overheard this conversation (although unlikely given it was 1am in a Manchester pub...) because suddenly out of the ether 'To Eva' have appeared, and they're an electronic based duo featuring none other than Liverpool based Emilie Krogh Johannessen who is from Norway, and musician Ted White who isn't. This is a duo who've been performing together for quite some time, and have appearances logged at some great little venues such as the Kazamier Garden, as well as a performance at the prestigious Liverpool International Music Festiva

'Highasakite' - new single 'Mexico'

We'll start today with a release just out, and it's from one of the biggest names in Norwegian music, 'Highasakite'. Now we haven't written about them since they released their last album 'Camp Echo' back in 2016, but since then they've continued to take enormous steps forward, with huge gigs home in Norway and appearances at great UK festivals such as Glastonbury and Latitude. They've also sold out a gig in London this Tuesday 20th November, which on a Tuesday night is very impressive - even more impressive, we admit, than the Nordic Music Review promoted gig for Major Parkinson selling out on a Friday recently. Oh and they also released an acoustic EP of tracks from 'Camp Echo' in 2016, wh

'Electric Crayon Set' - new track 'Moonlit Graveyard'

It's probably true to say that we've featured a couple more 'commercial' style releases than normal in previous days, so we'll make no apologies for heading slightly leftfield towards music that you won't find on your national Radio playlists. 'Electric Crayon Set' are from Finland, and if we think we've done well to last into our 5th year, well these guys have reached 20 years of music making, and early in 2019 will release a new album (their 3rd) to celebrate two decades of merry song making, 'Electric Crayon Set' have both a psychedelic, folk and progressive influence. Now regular readers will know of my frustration with some 'progressive' releases, as whilst to me 'progressive' music sh

'River String Lizards'- new single and video 'Endless Maze' (from the album 'Riv

After our feature on 'Electric Crayon Set' we'll stick with Finnish psychedelic influenced bands, but another who take their music in a slightly different direction. 'River String Lizards' are a 5 piece band who somehow mix spaced out guitar led psychedelia with a bluegrass inspired banjo, and the net effect is both fascinating and simply great fun to listen to. So 'River String Lizards' have been around for a couple of years now, and they're quite an active band live, which I imagine suits their unique brand of 'Surfin Banjo Rock' pretty well - they sound like a band you have to hear live to really appreciate them. However in their new video to 'Endless Maze' they manage to capture their en

'Jack Moy' - single and video 'Build It And They'll Come'

It's not always entirely the music that draws us to a release, because whilst I don't think we would ever feature something entirely based on a music video, occasionally something crops up which really captures our attention. 'Jack Moy' from Sweden has done exactly that with his new video to 'Build It And They'll Come', as it's both simultaneously cute and completely frightening at the same time. The song title is obviously a direct quote from he bible, referencing Noah's Ark where God tells Noah that if he builds the ark ''they'll come', and the musical theme that carries the track along does have this poignant feel to it. 'Jack Moy's' vocals are passionate, imploring and charismatic too. B

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