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'The Presolar Sands' - new single 'Our Loss / Your Reward'

We have 2 features today on 2 bands we should have really featured before now, but for one reason or another, have never quite got around to them. The first are 'The Presolar Sands' from Sweden, and they're a name that have kept appearing on gig and psych festival listings over the last few years - I think I first spotted the name when i saw they were playing at the Copenhagen Psych festival a couple of years back, an excellent event for spotting some of the most interesting psych bands around.

Anyway they're a 4 piece band from Stockholm who were formed back in 2014, and they're on the excellent Lazy Octopus records home to a wealth of good artists such as Holy Now, Co Sonn and The Echo Field (where have they gone...?). And given we haven't managed to feature them previously then there's a few excellent releases for you to catch up on, including their debut album 'The Big Noise' which was released last year, and even featured on the rather good Indie Shuffle blog.

The new track is called 'Our Loss / Your Reward' and it's a typically earthy track with swirling fuzzy guitars, but what makes this work for me are the intense throbbing rhythms where guitars and cymbals join together to crash out the way forward. And there's just so much going on here, the repetition of the lyrics will get inside your mind, the guitar solo in the midst of all the noise and the quite startling ending. This is good, take a listen here:

So we'll try not to leave it quite so long before we feature 'The Presolar Sands' again, and for those 'Nordic' based readers, look out for this band if they appear on festival / gig listings near you, I can imagine that they are an impressive outfit live.

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