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'Weaver' - with new track 'Whatever Seems Less Wrong'

One of our favourite new artist introductions from last year was for the Swedish artist 'Weaver' when he released a lovely track entitled 'Boxes', which had just the best video to go alongside it, and which went on to stream over 100,000 times. Anyway the good news is that the 'Weaver', the creation of musician Johan Weber, is back with a new song entitled 'Whatever Seems Less Wrong', and whilst this doesn't have a video to go alongside it, the track is certainly equal to the previous release in terms of quality.

'Whatever Seems Less Wrong' grabs at our attention from the very beginning with synths blaring a foghorn style warning, before it settles down with beautifully written melodic phrasing, a tune that meanders along happily and lyrics that definitely need further attention. It does undoubtedly have nods towards both the 60's and 80's, and whilst I might not instinctively want to reach for music often from those eras, there's something both charming and thought provoking in 'Weaver's' music - I love the idea of us constantly choosing the option which is least wrong, and there is something distinct and quietly charismatic about his music that sets him apart from others.

This is 'Whatever Seems Less Wrong':

Anyway we're promised more music from 'Weaver' soon, and we really look forward to future releases. Find him in the following places, and if you didn't come across 'Boxes' the first time, please try and track down the video:

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