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'Baula' - new EP 'Drought' (In Brief)

So what else have we missed? Well we've featured 'Baula' a couple of times, firstly in May 2016 when they released a delicious single entitled 'Don't Bother', and then a follow up song called 'Nova' which we really liked too. Anyway the good news is that there is now an entire EP of releases from the Swedish / Icelandic duo consisting of Ísak Ásgeirsson and Karolina Thunberg.

It's entitled 'Drought', and its a great mix of indie rock and subtle electronica, with 'Thunberg's' vocals particularly appealing. An undoubted highlight for me is the gorgeous title track 'Drought', but I really enjoy it when they open up with more of a psychedelic guitar sound, as they do in 'One Foot in the Grave'. They even have a more obvious Indie Pop hit, with the fuzzy and catchy 'February 2018'.

This is 'February 2018':

'Drought was released through 'YOUTH RECORDINGS' in May, and you can find out more on the band here on Facebook or Instagram.

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