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In brief: 'Toy Savoy' - 'Toy Savoy '(EP)

We're still working our way through releases from June, but actually the debut EP from 'Toy Savoy' slipped out at the end of May, but we still wanted to give it a brief mention. They're a band we've featured a few times before, after we first spotted them playing 'Trondheim Calling' back in 2017, so the formal release of their debut album has taken a while, but I think it's worth the wait.

The 5 piece band write dreamy, slightly off-kilter indie pop, and the 4 tracks on their self-titled EP demonstrate what they're all about, opening with (the previously featured) 'In Blue' with a big catchy chorus, and warped guitars that carry the track forward - and also a bit to the side. 'Something New' has a laid back, abstract feel and I particularly like the leftfield ending which takes the track way off into the distance somewhere. 'It's You' has a soft and hazy melodic vibe, whilst 'Church' has a stream of irresistible tunes and it's probably my favourite track on the EP.

This is 'Church':

You can find 'Toy Savoy' on Facebook.

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