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'CeaseTone' - new single 'Egotopia'

So it's our official 5th birthday today, and it's therefore pretty appropriate that we start with one of our favourite bands, a huge welcome back to the amazing 'CeaseTone', a project we first wrote back in our first few months of existence when we came across some 2014 experimentation by the bands founder Hafsteinn Þráinsson. Since then the band has received widespread praise for the exceptional 'Two Strangers' album, still an absolute favourite of ours, had nice words written in The Guardian about them ('a new genre - chamber post rock') and it's great to see that they've been playing at Iceland Airwaves as they prepare for the release of a new album.

Interestingly Hafsteinn Þráinsson's desire to continue to experiment with his songwriting and sound continues, with the new single 'Egotopia' being very electronic based - a shift in direction given the way the band has always balanced their acoustic and electronic sounds. And whilst that's instinctively is probably not our preferred 'go to' style, 'Egotopia' works marvellously - with a complex weaved web of sound, and unmistakeable 'Ceasetone' textures, melodies and vocals - especially at the climax of the track.

This is 'Egotopia':

Anyway for those who are new to Nordic Music Review, please check out 'CeaseTone's' earlier material - maybe start with 'Humble History Song' or the gorgeous acoustic 'Sight of Your Life'. And were really excited by the prospect of a new album in 2020 - visit them on Facebook.

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